FAW Jiefang 6X2 flatbed transporter


FAW Jiefang 6X2 flatbed transporter

The Jiefang small three-axle flatbed transporter is a heavy hit, and the small three-axle (three-axle model) is the first choice for Jiefang J6. As a high-end model of the Jiefang brand, J6 has always been the leader. The vehicle model: CA5250TPBP62K1L5T3E6 (Chengliwei brand) fuel standard model number H013000822, The announcement is complete, and it is easy to apply for the operation certificate. The vehicle size is 11000*2500*3200mm, the board length is 8.8 meters, the total mass is 25000kg, the curb weight is 9670kg, and the rated mass is 15315kg. It is suitable for transporting excavators and mechanical equipment under 25 tons.

FAW Jiefang 6X2 flatbed transporter

Jiefang small three-axle flatbed transporter adopts classic Jiefang J6 cab, Dachai Road 260-horsepower six-cylinder engine, Jiefang J6 cab, Jiefang 9-speed high and low speed gearbox, 10T rear axle, 295/60R22.5 tubeless tire, 270 double-deck Beam, wheelbase: 1900+4700, vehicle size: 11000X2550X3200, ABS, central control door lock, electric doors and windows, driving recorder, airbag seat, original air conditioner.

The top is manufactured by our flat plate manufacturer. The height of the flat plate from the ground is about 1.3 meters. The 120×6 square tube sleeve is 100×6 square tube. The slope is 700mm, the double-spring manual ladder, and the gantry frame adopts 140≠ channel steel.

Note: The 250 model excavator can move up and down freely.

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