FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane


FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane

Guide: Jiefang J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane, Dachai 220 hp engine, 6.1-meter carriage length, 13.5-meter maximum boom length, official guide price ¥322,000, mortgage payment, minimum 20% down payment, simple procedures, loan Fast, no service charge.

FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane

FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane

FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane

Announcement parameters: Model AAA5180JSQCA6, overall size 9000×2550×3880(mm), cargo box size 6100×2450×550(mm), total mass 18000(Kg), curb weight 11500(Kg), rated load mass 6370(Kg) , the fuel consumption is 25.6 (L/100Km).

Chassis configuration FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane

Jiefang J6L 4×2 single axle, Dachai 220 hp 4-cylinder engine ( euro VI), Fast 8-speed gearbox, 255 three-layer (8+7+4) girder, 9T rear axle (4.875 speed ratio) , 10.00R20 steel tire.

Cab: J6L single-row cab, electric glass lift, electric rearview mirror, airbag seat, driving recorder, middle seat, automatic air conditioning, suspension 10/12+8, electric hydraulic lift device, electronic hand throttle , Remote start and stop function.

Crane parameters: XCMG 8-ton four-section boom crane, M type, double pump system, multi-action combined operation, fast working speed. High-altitude seat operation, good vision and safe operation. The maximum lifting height of the crane is 14.8 meters, the maximum operating radius is 13.3 meters, and there are four hydraulic outriggers at the front and rear, which are standard for other manufacturers.

Compartment specifications FAW J6 XCMG 8-ton truck-mounted crane

The dimensions of the compartment are 6100×2450×550(mm), the appearance of the corrugated board structure, the material specifications of the box are two sides and four bottoms, and two doors on one side.


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