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FAW 12 tons sprinkler

FAW  12 tons sprinkler

Chassis configuration: The FAW J6 chassis, turn white row of semi cab front, large diesel engines 180 horse power euro 5 , six-speed gearbox, the wheelbase 4500mm, rear axle 9 t, 9.00R20 steel tire factory, factory abs, with the direction of power, the clutch booster, brake air brake, air conditioning original.


解放J6 12吨洒水车前左面图

12 tons sprinkler FAW J6

Using J6 FAW of a single bridge CA1160P62K1L2E5Z models of luxury chassis, solid and strong, strong bearing capacity.With horizontal rows of semi-luxurious interior cab, well-equipped, more comfortable ride.FAW Deutz with 180 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, energy saving.FAW 6-speed transmission, shift easily, more convenient operation.9.00R20 steel tire, wear resistance and bearing capacity functions are strong, longer life on.4500mm wheelbase, 3.6 tons front axle, rear axle 8 tons truckrying capacity stronger.With ABS, the original air-conditioning, power direction, clutch booster, the brake pressure, brake breathe.Full-featured, easy to use.


解放J6 12吨洒水车前右面图

FAW  12 tons sprinkler

12 tons sprinkler tops arranged FAW: FAW of the J6 sprinkler tank 12 t time molding using a machine platen technology, advanced rotary machine, the machine tank body bag making process to ensure the accuracy and aesthetic body. Euro’s unique paint technology, anti-corrosion rust, multi-layer primer, paint spraying. Full-featured, irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spraying dust, spray and other anti-aircraft artillery, high-quality water pumps, reasonable design water pipes, gas control PTO, strong operational capacity; increase the tank design, can pretend to water 12 side, more efficient use of vehicles.


解放J6 12吨洒水车正右侧面图

FAW 12 tons sprinkler

12 t J6 FAW sprinkler , 4mm thick Wuhan tank with volume-specific production plate, a volume of 12 m3, the tank body butt welding using advanced technology, shot peening after welding tank leak detection, the tank has high strength , stable center of gravity, the vehicle truckrying the security balance, etc..J6 FAW sprinkler equipped first Euro quality assessment of Cheng Liwei (Japanese technology) High-power dedicated sprinkler pump.Self-priming from the row, the standard forward setting (spray), and sprinkle with side spray, rear work platform, 15 meters wide downfield.Platform installation green sprinkler pressure gun, gun adjustable spray shape into a straight shape, heavy rain, rain, drizzle, guns can be rotated 360 degrees, a range of> 35 m, the water column can be adjusted, large rain, drizzle, etc., do temporary fire with fire.With gravity valve, fire interface.With a pump, pond water can be directly inhaled tank body can also be directly connected to water from the hydrant city streets, inhaled tank body.

解放J6 12吨洒水车正右侧面图

FAW 12 tons automatic sprinkler tank body assembly line production process is divided into: cutting, puzzle automatic welding, spin-forming head, a body roll forming and other advanced production technology. Multi-tank materials production of high quality truckbon steel plate.Special purposes is of 304 stainless steel may be employed according to customer needs.Tank volume to “cube 4, 5 cubic, cube 6, 8 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 13 cubic meters, 15 Cube”.

解放J6 12吨洒水车后左面图

12 tons sprinkler FAW J6 optional equipment and Truck Accessories:


Optional equipment: Pump Veyron, LED lights, pneumatic control valves, spraying unit, other special requirements.


Truck Accessories: 1 set of hand tools, needle nose nozzle 2, duckbill nozzle 2, two shower heads, water cannons a suction pipe 2, gadgets lock 2, all kinds of seals and pad several pieces.


Vehicle issue: chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified Euro invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.


sprinkler Encyclopedia


J6 FAW sanitation green sprinkler mainly suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler , pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truckeer.


Green belt on both sides of the road for the FAW of sprinkler , spray a large garden of drugs, can be used for temporary emergency Fire sprinkler s, it is equipped with fire sprinkler s per special interface.Driven by the engine gearbox, the gearbox is mounted on the power take off drive sprinkler pump, sprinkler pump generating the main driving force, the liquid sprayed out of the interior of the tank through the pipe network.Self-priming height: ≤7m, sprinkler width: ≥20m, maximum range: ≥28m; can be adjusted into a column, a range of ≥ 28m; can also be adjusted into a fog, range ≥5m.


FAW sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage: the FAW of five tons of second-hand sprinkler , sprinkler j6 FAW, the FAW of 151 sprinkler , the FAW of 143 sprinkler , sprinkler FAW eight FAW 2-3 cbm sprinkler , sprinkler FAW of eight tons, 18 tons j6 sprinkler FAW, FAW truckds 10 tons sprinkler , the FAW of Changchun sprinkler , sprinkler and other FAW tigers v.


Hubei Cheng Li FAWsprinkler manufacturers to provide you with a quote FAWsprinkler , the FAW of five tons of second-hand where to buy sprinkler , sprinkler FAW of five tons of second-hand prices, FAW model sprinkler pictures Daquan, 15 tons while the production of the FAW of sprinkler prices for users to purchase a variety of brands, including Dongfeng sprinkler , sprinkler FAW, Jiangling sprinkler , do not leap sprinkle truck, JAC sprinkler , sprinkler and other heavy truck.


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