FAW 10 tons road cleaning and maintenance vehicles

Jiefang J6 high-pressure road cleaning vehicle is a high-pressure road cleaning vehicle , also known as a road maintenance vehicle. The vehicle model CLW5180GQXC6 cleaning vehicle is a dual-engine, dual-pump cleaning vehicle that cleans curbs, sidewalks and guardrails. Isolation area; using high-pressure spray guns can also clean road signs, billboards, elevated roads, etc.

FAW 10 tons road cleaning and maintenance vehicles

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FAW 10 tons road cleaning and maintenance vehicles

Faw J6 road high pressure cleaning truckIs aHigh-pressure road cleaning vehicles ,is also calledRoad maintenance vehicles,The vehicle model CLW5180GQXC6 cleaning vehicle is a dual-engine, dual-pump cleaning vehicle. It is based on the standard second-class chassis and is equipped with a high-pressure flushing system and a low-pressure flushing system. It consists of mechanical, hydraulic (air circuit), A dedicated washing vehicle with three parts of electrical appliances. This truck has two independent high and low pressure water system, which provide pressure water source for cleaning the truck .
Its working principle is: use the high-pressure water produced by the high-pressure water pump, spray it through the high-pressure nozzle of the water spray frame, use the kinetic energy of the high-pressure water flow to clean with high pressure and low flow, powerful decontamination, efficient water saving, and Clean the old dirt on the road surface; or spray high-pressure water through the left (right) corner to clean the curb, sidewalk and guardrail isolation area; use the high-pressure spray gun to clean road signs, billboards, elevated roads, etc.; the spray system has a powerful spray Dust reduction, air disinfectant spraying and air humidity adjustment functions.
The high-pressure water pump is driven by auxiliary engine → drive shaft → belt drive → electromagnetic clutch → coupling;
The low-pressure water system adopts a two-stage impeller centrifugal pump with high efficiency, large sprinkler width, and long range of the water gun. The low-pressure water pump is directly driven by the chassis transmission power take-off through the drive shaft.
The high-pressure water pumps, nozzles, high-pressure spray guns and key hydraulic and electrical components of this truck are all inter Euro famous brand products with excellent performance and reliable operation.

Whole vehicle Vehicle name Faw J6 cleaning truck
Dimensions 9550,8400×2500×2900(mm)
Total mass 18000kg
Curb quality 8600kg
Rated load quality 9205,9270kg
Front suspension/rear suspension 1400/2500
Approach/departure angle 17/20
Braking distance ≤10m
Minimum turning diameter <16m
Chassis Brand FAW J6
Chassis model CA1180P62K1L2A1E6Z
Cab Half row
Number of passengers 3,2 people
Wheelbase 4500mm
clutch Ф395 clutch
Gearbox Shaanxi Gear 8JS85E transmission
Rear axle Axle Ф378 cast bridge (rear axle belt ratio 4.875)
Frame 237×75×(7+4)
Tires 10.00R20 type 18 levels
Automatic air conditioning, manual hydraulic lifting device, suspension 10/12+8, 200L steel fuel tank, combined switch PTO control mode, VOSS connector, engine reflects 50,000 kilometers long oil change interval, PTO fixed speed function in the cab, reserved for driving Outdoor one-button fixed speed wiring harness connector has the words "Quality Enjoy Edition" on the left and right sides of the body.
engine model Dachai 220 horsepower (CA4DK1-22E6)
Engine manufacturer China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder arrangement Inline
Maximum output power 162kw
Displacement 4.8L
Rated speed 2300rpm
Maximum torque 850N.m
Maximum torque speed 1200-1700rpm
Engine form High pressure common rail+EGR+DOC+DPF+SCR air drive+ASC
*Note: This parameter is the standard configuration of the manufacturer and can be customized according to customer needs.

Dedicated functiontechnical parameter

Secondary engine and transmission system Auxiliary engine model Jiangling JX493ZG3 / JE493ZG5
rated power 64kw
Working speed 1500~1700 r/min
Electromagnetic clutch DLK1-40
Coupling TGLA9
High pressure water system High pressure pumps Type Plunger
Brand Pinfu
model PF36
pressure 10 MPa
Rotating speed 800 (900) r/min
Water valve Type Pneumatic control high pressure ball valve
pressure 10MPa
Sprinkler nozzle Type High pressure washing type
Corner nozzle Type High pressure washing type
Spray nozzle Type Fine atomization type
Water Filter Type Filter type
Low pressure water system Low pressure water pump Type Two-stage impeller centrifugal
Brand Hangzhou Weilong
model 80QZB(F)-60/90; 50/110 (optional)
Lift 90m; 110m
Rotating speed 1480r/min
Water valve Pneumatic control ball valve
Hydraulic system Type Open type, electro-hydraulic control
Main components Gear pump, hydraulic cylinder, solenoid valve
Maximum system pressure 16MPa
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 65L

Job performance

Item unit Parameter Remarks
Work performance Cleaning width of water spray frame m 2.5-3.5 Sprinkler extension
Angle of sprinkler frame (°) 30 left and right
Working speed Low pressure watering Km/h Ⅰ file 7: Ⅱ file 14 Main engine speed 1500r/min
High pressure cleaning Km/h 3-15 Vice engine speed 1700r/min
High pressure cleaning ability m2/h 25000 Vehicle speed 8km/h
Maximum cleaning water pressure MPa 10
Washing water flow L/min 134
Spray water flow L/min 134
Low pressure water flow L/min 600~800
Low pressure washing width m ≥24
Sprinkler width m ≥16
Water gun range m 38
Water tank volume L 9660 The maximum volume can reach 10 cubic meters meters

FAW 10 tons road cleaning and maintenance vehicles

Faw J6 road cleaning and maintenance truck rear
FAW 10 tons road cleaning and maintenance vehicles
Optional without front flush rack

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