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EuroFive JAC Jianghuai Wrecker Truck

EuroFive Jianghuai Wrecker Parameter Configuration Table and Picture Display

The Euro five Jianghuai small wrecker truck fills the gap of the Jianghuai brand Euro five small wrecker truck . C1 can be driven, without restrictions in the city, low maintenance cost, no pressure on truck purchase, and the length of the flatbed and folded plate is 5.2 meters, which is especially suitable Used in auto repair shops, 4S shops, traffic police and other departments operating in the city.
Chassis configuration: new JAC single-row front-turning cab, EuroFive JAC Chaochai engine, 117 horsepower, 5-speed box, 1.5 ton front axle, 3 ton rear axle, 188 frame, 6.50R16 steel wire tires, steam brake, direction Power assist with air conditioner, 3308 wheelbase, original air conditioner, ABS.

EuroFive Jianghuai small One-to-Two Wrecker Vehicle Parameters
Vehicle size (length×width×height) 5995×2300×2350 (mm)
Can be equipped with engine
model rated power Manufacturer
HFC4DF1-2D2 86kw (117 horsepower) Hefei Jianghuai Chaochai Power Co., Ltd.
Vehicle performance
Total mass 4495 (kg)
Curb quality 3605 (kg)
Wheelbase 3308 (mm)
Tire specifications 6.50R16
Number of tires 6

The special components and spare parts of the EuroFive Jianghuai small brand one to two wreckers. The whole vehicle is equipped with a 4-ton hoist, a 20-meter wire rope, two auxiliary wheels, a set of forks, a pair of fork seats, and a long row of 24V yellow police. A set of light megaphone, combination lamps, straps, spare tire rack, tool box.
Provide chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, Euro unified motor vehicle invoice, vehicle-mounted tools, vehicle warranty manual, Euro service station directory, etc.

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