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Camión de propósito especial

» Camión de propósito especial

FAW J6 grúa clásica

FAW J6 grúa clásica

FAW J6 un remolque de dos coches grúa clásica remolque plataforma fotos

parámetros detallados

Especificaciones del vehículo

nombre del producto

FAW camión de auxilio clásica



La masa total


peso en vacío


tamaños de tableta


portón trasero hidráulico


Especificaciones del polipasto




Especificaciones del chasis

Nombre del chasis


chasis Tipo


Número de ejes


Número de neumáticos

7(Incluyendo la rueda de repuesto)

Distancia entre ejes


especificaciones de los neumáticos


Caja de cambios

6Palanca de cambios

Eje posterior


Tipo de combustible

Combustible diesel


freno de vapor

las normas de emisiones

GB17691-2005Estado ⅴ, GB3847-2005

modelo de motor

motor Fabricante


caballo de fuerza





Tops Configuración básica

La configuración estándar

4Toneladas de tapas, con el winch4Ton,25M cuerda, camión rueda auxiliar pair7Word tenedor par cbm socket par de straps4Sets, gancho de la cadena, dos luces de trabajo, luces amarillas ingeniería electrónica, herramientas del vehículo establecen.

Equipamiento opcional

Puede equiparse con piezas importadas, horquillas de arrastre, asiento horquillas de arrastre, Lávame,luces de flash ledLong EOD, la placa de piso entero.

configuración del chasis:

Adopción FAW J6FChassis, la nueva fila única cabina de grandes dimensiones, motor firewood135Horsepower,5Caja de cambios, la wheelbase3300mm,7.00llantas de acero, dirección asistida, aire acondicionado original,, cierre centralizado, cristal eléctrico, volante multifunción, control de crucero,ledHeadlight.

configuración Tops:

FAW J6classical wrecker,CDriving license can be.The length of the truck plate4.2Meters wide2.32M, a tablet can be4Thick diamond plate or a perforated press plate forming a one, inverting the choice of the transom board or transom new pull-length1.2Meter.4Tons of tops, with4Ton hydraulic winch,25M cuerda, cooperación bilateral vinculación, el carro de la rueda auxiliar con un par de socket cbm par conjunto camión de herramientas, the strap4Sets, dos luces de trabajo, with long rows of yellowledLights.I wrecker skilled products using advanced technology, procesos de producción, todo miembro de sello hidráulico importado, la nueva placa de deslizamiento, refuerzo de haz fijo de tipo, capacidad de soporte se mejora, y la matriz superficie de estampación con la plataforma de carga, deformación resistencia, y en el euro con los sitios de servicio post-venta, para asegurar que el hogar.

edición del vehículo:

certificación chasis, certificación de vehículos, vehículo de motor facturas nacional unificado, herramientas del vehículo, manuales de garantía del vehículo, estaciones de servicio de directorio a nivel nacional.

Los compradores deben ver:

The FAW of the Euro five classical wrecker has been declared by the national environmental standards announcement, las familias pueden estar seguros, porque parte de los vehículos especiales, diferentes tipos de motores, por lo que habrá diferencias en el vehículo prices.Please contacto con nosotros antes de la compra, vamos a recomendar la configuración del vehículo apropiado más y el mejor precio para usted de acuerdo a sus necesidades.

Los comentarios de vehículos

FAW J6classical wrecker

With the development of the light truck market, the current mainstream models and configurations work has made great progress, the general routine upgrade is very difficult to make people feel surprise.But the good news, of which there are some sword easy road by, por ejemplo: Last year FAW J6FLight truck light truck sleeper launched, greatly enhance product availability.One year later, this truck has a power upgrade, upgrade the optimization of the engine oil change mileage of5Million kilometers, and there20Ten thousand kilometers0Yuan maintenance concessions for the obvious effect of reducing operating costs.

5 ten thousand kilometers long oil change 20Ten thousand km free maintenance

text in this truck equipped3.0Lof4DDLong Drain engine, maximum power150Hp and peak torque360Nm.Dual overhead camshafts,4Valve configuration,1800barWhile the high pressure common rail system, with the overall structure of an engine upgrade, strong output power performance can be realized to ensure a relatively high fuel economy.

engine oil change is reached5Ten thousand kilometers/1Times, and there20Ten thousand km free maintenance service, you know, the current light truck mileage engine maintenance mostly1Ten thousand kilometers/1Times, few can reach twenty thousand kilometers, with a single engine general maintenance600Yuan terms,20Ten thousand kilometers can save a lot of money cost, and this does not include the cost of time spent on maintenance, so this engine to improve the timeliness and maintenance cost reduction effect is remarkable how, then repeat them here.

This truck’s gearbox is rather special, is the Miles Young6Block products, because in the pastJ6FThey are matching their own gearbox.But the two companies have sophisticated gearbox production capacity, it is not a problem of matching products.Specific model gearbox is WanliyangWLY6TS40, Using a short stroke synchronizer, synchronizing a molybdenum steel base ring, the rated output torque400Nm, the first speed ratio5.32,6Speed ratio0.77, Good performance in the parameters.

rear axle produced from Qingte6Tonnes rear axle, speed ratio is4.875.Tonnage FAW light truck rear axle than the same level opponents come to a large, heavy-duty version as well7Tonne rear axle can choose to load significantly help.In addition, we found that the truck also adds new rear axle stabilizer bar, and more stable cornering attitude can be controlled, and this is no stabilizer bar models elusive.

collected from the tire exquisite7.50R16Product specifications, brands and on the same level opponents has some advantages compared to.If you are a heavy-duty user, you can choose8.25R16version of.

fuel tank (150L) and the accumulator is all aluminum alloy material, on the one hand to avoid past iron structure, long-term use is easy to produce impurities, shortcomings that affect performance, vehicle weight reduction will also help.It is relatively rare to light truck models.Further, the accumulator used plastic seal, the sealing performance will be better able to effectively alleviate the problem of gas leakage.

with a sleeper cab environment more comfortable seating

Design light truck users will believe that no stranger, after all, market share is not low, the Euro has a good sales performance parity.The details in order to better match the truckgo compartment, lengthened the mirror holder, this is when we harvest before the actual version also mentioned Road.

After2018Upgraded models,J6FUsing leather seats, many look fine, white areas middle strip of material is woven fold line, the frictional force can be increased to enhance the heat dissipation effect.Further, the sun visor is equipped with two side compartments, lightweight paper documents placed very suitable, which is relatively rare in similar models.

single row sleeper cab, can provide a relatively comfortable seating environment for the driver, it is convenient for loading and unloading long time for truckdholders.If the model is a half row, the width of which can be better achieved sleeper1Meters, as much as many heavy trucks, very exaggerated.Bedding support surface lying detached, easy to clean for a long time.Before many truckdholders have a voice in this area needs, which can also be seen in the FAW light truck upgrades are done in-depth investigation.

recline the seat back is higher than the brake does not affect the rest breathe

center console, redesigned steering wheel, style, and FAW J7Consistent style heavy truck; middle functional area and the air conditioning vent is decorated in a similar truckbon fiber, although the same material, but has improved visual aesthetics.In the configuration, truck radio, air conditioning and other basic functions are equipped with comfort.It is also worth mentioning that the storage space is more remarkable performance truck, the daily accoutrements have shelter where convenience is good.

If you look at the FAW light truck in recent years launched a new product, you’ll find an upgraded model of its limitations had not increased and workmanship configuration progress through the full market research, has been improving the quality of transport drivers become the main theme of development, the point value of praise.

phased program specific to the actual accounting subject

FAW J6classical one tow two cars wrecker (to138000For example)

Pago inicial:



Pago inicial



monto del préstamo






comisión de garantía





costos de investigación


Depósito de seguridad (reintegrable)



First to mention the cost of truck



24Pago mensual



los costos por préstamos



Staging the required materials:

ID truckd, household, marriage certificate, proof of property (real estate proof), bank water, proof of income;

Car buyers Age:twenty two-55Full year.

competition model configuration Comparison Table

nombre del producto

FAW camión de auxilio clásica

JAC classical wrecker

Dongfeng camión de auxilio clásica

Omar grúa clásica




Chaochai102 /Yuchai115horsepower


Caja de cambios






7.00llantas de acero

6.50llantas de acero

7.00llantas de acero

7.00llantas de acero



5.997X 2,3 x 2.twenty twoMeter

5.997X 2,3 x 2.twenty twoMeter


aire acondicionado



Optional/Yuchai factory


Número de acciones

ahora camiones

ahora camiones

ahora camiones


Precio Guia

13.8mil diez

11mil diez

10.8Ten thousand/ 12.2Ten thousand

13.9mil diez



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