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Cost-effective cleaning and suction sewage truck, Dongfeng Dilika, 10 metros cubicos

febrero 23, 2021

There are many types of sewage suction trucks, ranging from a 4+2 volume Dongfeng Xiaodolika cleaning sewage suction vehicle to a Dongfeng Tianlong cleaning sewage suction vehicle with a total volume of 32 cbm meters. But to say that the most popular on the market is Dongfeng Dalika’s cleaning and suction truck.

Dongfeng Dalika cleaning and sewage suction truck adopts Dongfeng Dalika chassis, 3800mm distancia entre ejes, mostly Yuchai 165 horsepower or Chaochai 170 caballos de fuerza, viga de doble capa, Wanliyang six-speed gearbox, 5.5-eje trasero ton, 245 Vacuum tires.

The shape of the tank body of Dongfeng Daolika cleaning and suction truck is mainly divided into two types, one is the side hanging type of the water tank, and the other is the integrated tank type. The water tank is hanging on the side, a cylindrical tank in the middle is used as a sewage tank, and a cbm clean water tank is added to the left and right sides of the sewage tank. The clean water tank is further divided into two types: lift at the same time as the sewage tank or not at the same time. One-piece tank type, a large cylindrical tank body, the middle of the tank body is divided into two bins, the bin in the direction of the cab is used as a clean water bin, and the other bin is used as a sewage bin.

Regardless of whether it is the side-mounted tank-mounted majority-lica cleaning and suction truck or the integrated tank-type majority-lica cleaning and suction truck, the total volume has reached 10 metros cubicos. Entre ellos, the side-mounted cistern-mounted mostly Lika cleaning sewage suction truck has a clean water volume of 2.5-3 cubic meters and a sewage volume of 7.5 metros cubicos. The total volume of the one-tank cleaning and suction truck is 10 metros cubicos, which can be divided into warehouses according to customer requirements, que es flexible y conveniente.

Dongfeng Dalika Sewage Cleaning and Suction Truck has a compact model. The length of the vehicle is generally 6.9m-7.3m, and the width is 2.2m-2.3m. It is convenient for operation on narrow roads and complicated roadsides or communities. The vehicle has the convenience and flexibility of a small sewage suction truck, adapts to complex road conditions, and has the capacity of a large sewage suction truck. Por lo tanto, it was welcomed by sanitation workers.

Let me introduce you to the configuration of the special part of the Dalika cleaning and suction truck.

The suction part can be equipped with SK-9 or SK-12 water ring pump, which has fast suction speed, high suction depth, and easy cleaning of overflow tank. It is also equipped with 8 meters low temperature resistant and steel wire suction pipe.
The cleaning part can be equipped with 170 flow or 215 flow high-pressure pump, with large flow and sufficient pressure, suitable for professional dredging of nozzles. Al mismo tiempo, in order to prevent the high-pressure pump and its pipeline from freezing due to low temperature in winter, a gas-pushing device is specially installed to quickly drain and protect the equipment.

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