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Chufeng 6×2 vehículo de apicultura

Chufeng 6×2 apicultura vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Foto de Chufeng’s first four vehículos de apicultura :

Chufeng 9.6m apicultura special vehicle adopts a small three-axle chassis, Yuchai’s 220-horsepower national four engine, high-top two-sleeper cab, 5.5eje delantero T, 153 eje posterior, 280 viga de doble capa, and Shaanxi gear middle and eight-speed gearbox. 10.00 neumáticos de alambre de acero, the external dimensions are 12000X2480X3970 (mm), and the length of the carriage is 9.6 metros.

Carriage part: 128 groups of bees can be fixed on both sides of the house, 168 groups of bees can be fixed without the house. Durante el transporte, acerca de 50 groups of beehives can be loaded in the middle of the aisle, equipado con un dispositivo de elevación montado en el vehículo para facilitar la carga y descarga.

Plataforma elevadora móvil: los La plataforma elevadora móvil electrohidráulica tiene una longitud de mesa de 2400X1100 (mm) y una altura de elevación de 2000 mm. It can be lifted and moved freely up and down. It can carry 300kg of goods. Check the beehive, shake the honey, and the movable canopy. The lifting is completed on the mobile lifting platform. .

Sistema de poder: The car is equipped with a solar generator set, which can be powered and stored at any time on sunny days. It is equipped with a large-capacity battery and inverter to provide electricity for TV, aficionados, and freezers in daily life, as well as for electric slurry machines and electric motors. Power supply for special machinery such as honey shaker and pollen drying box.

Sistema de almacenamiento de miel y agua.: The truck is equipped with two stainless steel honey storage tanks for food, two with a capacity of nearly 3 montones. Se instalan válvulas de bola de acero inoxidable y puertos de tanque de acero inoxidable para facilitar el almacenamiento y el transporte.. It is also equipped with a one-ton stainless steel water tank. With automatic water supply, it solves the problem of domestic water use. It is equipped with a glove box that can carry tools such as living servers and a ladder to facilitate the beekeeper’s up and down operations.

casa: los apicultura vehicle can be installed with a 5 sala de actividades del medidor cbm, equipped with a bed frame for 2-3 people to rest, equipado con baño y cocina, TV, aire acondicionado, and convenient accommodation. The room can be widened to increase living space.


Nombre del vehículo: Vehículo apícola 楚风多功能养蜂专用车
Categoría de vehículo: Professional engineering vehicle
Modelo de vehículo: HQG5210CYFGD3HT
Marca china: Chufeng
Exención: No
Combustible: No
Exención : No
Protección del medio ambiente: No
Fabricante: Automóvil especial Co. de Chengli, Limitado
Dirección de la empresa: Parque industrial de Gangchengli, Llanura, Suburbio del sur, Ciudad de Suizhou, Provincia de Hubei
Lote de anuncios: 2001n5 235 Numero de catalogo: 73
modelo de motor: ISDe210 30
Fabricante del motor: Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Limitado. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Limitado. Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Limitado.
capacidad del motor: 6700
Potencia del motor: 155
Dimensiones (Largo ancho alto): 12000× 2500 × 3970 Compartimento de carga (Largo ancho alto): 7570×2420×
Masa total (Kg): 21000 Factor de utilización de la calidad de la carga:
peso en vacío (kg): 12555 Carga nominal (kg): 8250
Pasajeros clasificados (persona): Pasajero delantero (persona): 3
Acercarse / ángulo de salida: 32/12 Suspensión delantera / suspensión trasera: 1250/3490
Distancia entre ejes (mm): 1950+5310 Eje de carga: 5180/6120/9700
Número de ejes: 3 Numero de resortes: 8/8/10+8
Número de neumáticos: 8 especificaciones de los neumáticos: 10.00-20,11.00-20
Tracción delantera: 1950/1950 Vía trasera: 1860
Tipo de dirección: volante Método de inicio:
ID del Producto: ZK3673S701W Fecha de lanzamiento: 20120323
Código de identificación: LCFU1KG3×LCFU1KG4× Según el estándar: GB17691-2005 Euro III, GB3847-2005 GB17691-2005 Euro III, GB3847-2005
modelo de chasis: HQG1210GD3
otro: The height from the bottom of the cargo compartment to the top of the warehouse grid is 2450. The side of the vehicle and the rear are equipped with reflective signs. El material del dispositivo de protección es Q235.; the connection method is: the side protection is bolted, and the rear protection is welded; the length of the rear protection device is 2250mm; Dimensions width × height is 50mm × 100mm; the rear guard is 500mm from the ground


Configuración estándar

Configuración opcional

Acerca de 3 cubic stainless steel honey storage tank

Ventilation windows

Food grade stainless steel water tank

External power interface

Automatic whole car fastening beehive system

Voltage converter

Car refrigerator

Getting on and off stairs

The Sun can generate system

individual washroom

Electric lifting working platform

Lifting crane

Independent maintenance-free battery Car GPS navigation
Satellite TV receiver Gas cylinder
Wall cabinet Gas stove and range hood
aire acondicionado 260L freezer
televisión LCD llantas de acero
Gas water heater Cabin air conditioning
Reversing radar

[ Reasonable design ] los multifuncional apicultura vehículo integrates bee breeding, bee density collection, electric lifting platform, electric hoisting, canopy switch, solar power and other devices. The design is scientific and reasonable, the maneuverability is strong, and the working environment is greatly improved. .

[ Efficient mobile ] The multifunctional apicultura vehicle is equipped with a beehive mobile, a fixed device and a stainless steel honey tank that can load about 5 montones. It integrates the functions of moving, fixing, collecting, storing and transporting, and reflects the characteristics of efficiency and convenience. Beekeeper friends can rush to the nectar source in time to seize the opportunity.

[ Safety and comfort ] The multi-functional apicultura vehicle is specially equipped with a car one-key distress system, car GPS satellite navigation, dual-circuit braking system, front reinforced large bumper and other rich safety configurations, which provide effective safety guarantee for beekeepers; There is an independent living space in the front of the carriage, equipped with modern facilities such as solar power generation system, televisión LCD, cooking appliances, freezer, gas water heater, aire acondicionado, toilet, etc.. You can enjoy modern rural life.


This multifunctional apicultura vehicle is equipped with an electric lifting device, hoisting device, carga y descarga, and has a storage tank that can hold about 5 tons of honey. It is equipped with modernization such as solar power generation system, televisión LCD, freezer, calentador de agua, aire acondicionado, and car navigation. Living Facilities.


1. los apicultura vehicle is used as a workplace for bee breeding and information collection. It is produced on an electric lifting work platform without loading and unloading beehives. The beehive has a one-key fixing device and is highly mobile.

2. Efficient movement, ready to go, speed up to nectar, seize the opportunity. In the car will be able to easily and quickly complete the work bee gathering, the lower compartment volume also set up three honey storage tank in about three cubic meters, can be installed in 4 acerca de cinco tons of honey, honey convenience store, equipped with play The heavy lifting device can be easily installed on the required items.

3. Safe and comfortable, improve quality of life, and guarantee safety. The car’s one-button help system specially equipped with this vehicle can effectively guarantee the safety of beekeepers. When encountering special emergency situations, one-button help can be sent to the system in time. The front reinforced bumper effectively relieves the impact force and enhances passive safety. Rich safety configurations such as dual-circuit braking system, radar de marcha atrás, abdominales, etc..

Cuarto, the front of the carriage has an independent living space, equipped with solar power generation devices, equipado with modern facilities such as coche GPS satellite navigation, televisión LCD, car cold and hot water dual-use refrigerator, gas water heater, aire acondicionado, toilet, etcétera, alleviating the boring wild life. Improve the quality of life and enjoy a modern rural life. Al mismo tiempo, through the vehicle-mounted GPS , the beekeeper can transmit relevant information of the bee farm in the first time. los “special vehiclehas such a multi-functional supporting facilities, and it is also the first in the country. Por lo tanto, it has far-reaching significance for promoting the development of the national bee industry and the transformation and upgrading of prenatal services, and it is indeed worthy of promotion and use. sin embargo, because the vehicle design considers safety, tecnología, and practicality. smart. Special purpose vehicles have a strong chassis, full engine power, and a variety of new living and production equipment, so R&D costs are relatively high.

This car has strong mobility. In the season of chasing flowers for nectar, if there is a difference between the flower source of 20 a 30 kilómetros, it only costs a few tens of dollars to catch up with the best flower source. To the benefit of tens of thousands of yuan. Besides, el apicultura industry has entered the aging industry. Young people rarely like this kind of life. With this car, young people can also return to their sweet life, surf the Internet, and enjoy the enjoyment of urbanites in the RV. The pastoral life that I arrived has made my sweet career succeed.

Detailed description:

Configuración estándar

One-key emergency call system [estándar] Side extension function [estándar]

Food grade stainless steel water purification tank [estándar] Ventilation window [with screens] [estándar]

Approximately 3 cubic meters of stainless steel honey jar [estándar] External power interface [estándar]

One-key automatic full car fastening beehive system [estándar] independent toilet [estándar]

Car cold and hot refrigerator [estándar] dual-circuit brake system [estándar]

Configuración opcional

Solar power system [Opcional] Car navigation [Opcional]

Independent maintenance-free battery [Opcional] 15L gas cylinder [Opcional]

Electric lifting working platform [Opcional] Range hood [Opcional]

Satellite TV receiver [Opcional] Natural gas stove [Opcional]

Electric hoisting equipment [Opcional] Microwave oven [Opcional]

Wall cabinet[Opcional] Foldable bed[Opcional]

1p air conditioner [Opcional] radar de marcha atrás [Opcional]

22 pulgadas LCD TV [Opcional] 260L freezer [Opcional]

Gas water heater [Opcional]

Foldable table gift

Marked (estándar) is mandatory for each car, and marked optional, which is required by users

The society is developing and human beings are progressing, and China’s apicultura industry cannot lag behind. The birth of the Baofeng series ofinformation-based multifunctional mobile apicultura vehiculosallows beekeepers todrive the RV to release the bees!” The dream of a beekeeper! Makes China’s apiculture enter a new era.

With the information-based multifunctional mobile apicultura vehículo, we enjoy the sweetness, which will make more young people fall in love with the cause of apicultura, and let the sweet career succeed.

Modern and reliable

Improve labor efficiency / reducir la intensidad de mano de obra / increase economic benefits

The information-based multifunctional mobile apicultura vehicle has become a working platform for bee breeding and product collection. The vehicle is equipped with electric lifting devices, electric hoisting devices, free loading and unloading, scientific and reasonable design, strong mobility, and the working environment has been greatly improved.

Due to the national road maintenance fee reform and the policy of exempting tolls for bee vehicles, the beekeepers save a lot of transportation costs and hire labor costs. One year’s freight costs can be reduced by about 20,000, and one less helper can cost 30,000 less. Each household can collect 2 a 3 more honey sources each year, and the income exceeds 50,000, which has significant economic benefits.

Move efficiently

Ready to go first / work smoothly and convenient / seize the opportunity of honey

The information-based multifunctional mobile apicultura vehicle is equipped with beehive mobile, fixed devices and a storage tank that can load about 5 tons of honey; this vehicle integrates the functions of moving, fixing, collecting, storing and transporting, and reflects the characteristics of efficiency and convenience.

The entire vehicle moves efficiently, and can rush to the honey source in time to seize the opportunity.

safe and comfort

Reliable safety guarantee/complete facilities/good quality of life

The information-based multifunctional mobile apicultura vehicle is specially equipped with a one-button help system on the vehicle. When encountering a special emergency, one-button help can be sent to the system in time. Car GPS satellite navigation, dual-circuit braking system, reversing radar and large front bumper and other rich safety configurations provide effective safety guarantee for bee friends driving.

There is an independent living space in the front of the carriage, equipped with modern facilities such as solar power generation system, televisión LCD, freezer, gas water heater, aire acondicionado, toilet, etcétera, which can enrich and enjoy modern rural life.

Large front passenger seat.







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