Dust suppression truck


Introduction of Dust suppression truck

Dust suppression truck

Description of Dust suppression truck

Dust suppression vehicle is a special vehicle that suppresses dust pollution by spraying spraying liquid such as dust suppression curing agent. Mainly serves railways, roads and other places with high dust generation. Structurally, the dust suppression vehicle is mainly composed of a swing arm spraying device, a liquid storage tank, a self-propelled vehicle and a control system.

Dust pollution control in coal yard, coal terminal, open-pit coal mining, road surface and air after blasting;

Construction site, demolition and other construction projects, municipal infrastructure, construction garbage, waste residue, loading and unloading and storage, and other activities that generate dust pollution, etc.

Material transportation, such as transportation of coal coke, gravel, earthwork, garbage, dregs and other vehicles that are prone to generate dust pollutants, and heavy vehicles, during the transportation process, dust pollution caused by material leakage or leakage;

Bare ground dust, implement greening projects, and effectively truck ry out greening spraying and dust reduction measures;

Dust pollution control for coal terminals, coastal port stockyards, bucket wheel operations, ore, bulk powder handling, shipping, transshipment, river improvement, and port environment management.

Airports, highways, stations, wharfs, public places and landfills, etc. are sprayed for sterilization and disinfection; sports venues, hot venues, etc. are dust-repellent, moisturized, and cooled for disinfection.

Main features of Dust suppression truck

1. Strong power, long range, wide coverage, can achieve precise spraying; high work efficiency, fast spraying speed

2. When spraying water on the storage yard that is liable to cause dust, the sprayed mist particles are small, and when they come into contact with the floating dust, a wet mist is formed, which can quickly suppress the dust from sinking;

3. The supporting power is flexible and can be supplied with diesel generator sets;

4. Flexible operation, safe and reliable use, remote control and manual control operation, horizontal rotation spray angle can be controlled and adjusted at will;

5. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can save 70% ~ 80% (spray gun, sprinkler locomotive), and the area covered by water mist is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.

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