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Dump truck

April 14, 2020

Introduction of Dump truck

Dongfeng 145 Dump truck

Description of Dump truck:

Dump truck: A dump truck is a vehicle that unloads cargo by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. Also known as a dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device.

There are two types of dump trucks: rear dumping and side dumping. The piston rod movement is controlled by the operating system. Backward dumping is more common. Pushing the piston rod causes the truck to tip over, and a few two-way dumping. The carriage includes front plate, rear plate, side plate, and chassis; hydraulic dumping mechanism includes transmission shaft, oil pump, lift valve, hydraulic oil cylinder, operating device, limit device, fuel tank and pipeline, dumping mechanism; accessories include stability Mechanism, anti-sway mechanism, back door opening and closing mechanism, spare wheel lifting mechanism, protective device, etc. The power of the engine is output by the transmission and power take-off, and the oil pump is driven by the transmission shaft. The pumped hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic cylinder through the distribution valve, and the car is lifted and dumped by the hydraulic cylinder.

Main features of Dump truck

1. Take the power from the gearbox and directly transmit it to the hydraulic pump, so that the cylinder generates thrust to lift the car. The lifting mechanism adopts a patented double-cylinder direct-push structure, and the carriage is reset by itself.

2. The surface treatment of the carriages adopts the cathode electrophoresis primer and high-temperature baking finish exclusively in the country, which is beautiful and highly resistant to corrosion.

3. The original chassis model features reliable performance, convenient operation, long service life, and low fuel consumption.

4. The carriage adopts professional production, and the structure is reliable.

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