DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle


DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

Chassis Configuration:

1. DongfengT5  6x4 18 cbm fog paoche| 80Meters artillery fog and dust east Euro five special selection of truck chassis;

2. Dongfeng special luxury driving new businessRoom, may be a row before the turn half cab;

3. Equipped with Cummins245Horsepower diesel engine,4Meter35 + 1Meter8Wheelbase, Fast eight-speed box;

4. ABS, Dynamic changeClutch booster, air brake, in the control, air conditioning, electric windows,11.00Tire with5.Urea tank and V emission standards in line with Euro exhaust gas purification system.


DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

Tops configuration:

1. DongfengT5After the 6x418Fang fog paoche| 80Fog meter radius of artillery vehicle for dust suppression-type tank, the tank volume announcement:14.83Fang, the actual volume18cbm;

2. use5Wuhan mm thick high-truckbon steel, rolled disposable body molding, automatic submerged arc welding, the choice of the first ranked Suizhou pump Yifeng;

3. After sprinkling with pediment, after working platform with anti-aircraft artillery, cannon watering can360° rotation;

4. Artillery can be adjusted to a columnar, mist, drizzle shape, the maximum lift28Meters, side spray function, forward setting the operating range12Meters, spray side operating range6Meters;

5. Self-priming from the row, self-priming height7Meters,sprinklerTip pedestrian electric music, tweeter, sprinkler uniformity, strong impact, high road surface coverage, high efficiency.


DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle:

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle


DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle


DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

left rear picture

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle


DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle back picture

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle


DongfengT5After the 6x418Fang dust suppression fog artillery truck vehicle front part

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

1, optional solenoid control function downfield

2, pneumatic control switch control downfield sprinkle

3,PLCCentralized control pediment sprinkle formula

4, an electric gun, centralized control box

5, stainless steel ball valve

6, air conditioning

7, vehicle color

8,30-120M fog cannon

9, motor 7.5 kilowatts - 3500 kW


DongfengT5 6x4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle

details advantage

1.Large generators, mounted behind the cab.


2.Mute cover, generator protection, waterproof, dust protection, noise reduction.


3.Tank using finite element analysis to optimize the design, make full use of on-board space, pitchers, volume, and passed rigorous reliability tests, inside the tank to make corrosion preventive treatment, more durable and durable.


4.Rear platform, the platform is widened to increase the bottom steel plate encryption.


5.Fog gun electronic control box line, assembling a professional electrician, safer, relatively high safety factor, easy to leakage, short circuit, unlike small factories, sprayer with emergency stop button, safe and reliable operation.


6.Barrel dispensing device is high, reduce the noise, not disturbing.


7.Fog gun having independent patent, compact, long range, small fog particles, large coverage area, can be manually or remotely controlled.


8.Complete low emissions: Since no side of the engine, thereby reducing emissions and fully meet the current Euro standard Ⅴ.


9.Long life and low maintenance costs: Reasonable vehicle structure design, easy maintenance; stable operation of the vehicle is always running at its best, longer service life, low maintenance costs.




DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle



Multifunction fog paoche Fog gun structure

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle



Multifunction fog paocheSprinkler system construction

DongfengT5 6×4 18cbm Dust suppression truck vehicle


Multifunction fog paocheThe main function of structu


Production background

In recent years, multi-regional response to the stringent requirements of the Euro environmental policy, the introduction of the relevant laws and regulations of various dust control.In this case, the company, based on the original design of the sprinkler, Dongfeng has designed and developed the highly efficient dust suppression effect of T5 Shuangqiaoshan 18 cbm dust suppression truck, the truck is an efficient, multi-energy, low-power three features and a.


Dongfeng 6x4 after T5 dust suppression were fitted into 18 cbm fog cannon, crew, tank tank three parts, relying on high-speed operation on environmental protection fog cannon fan breeze principle, the water inside the tank to the air atomized30-120Meters range, artillery mist sprayed mist particles is extremely small, micron level, may be performed in liquid spray dust fog and haze exploded dilute the concentration of particles in the air, can effectively break down the air pollution particulate matter, such as dust, It will float in the air pollution particles quickly forced down the floor to achieve the cleaning effect of air purification.

Work Performance

The large-scale wind and dust fog cannon truck load of sprayable120Meters,70Meter-high mist, compared to ordinary water truck, the same10Tons of water, ordinary sprinkler can spray10Minutes, while the new paoche mist may be sprayed1Hours, covering more than3 CBM meters, greatly improving the utilization of water resources.

Process Features

1.Dongfeng 6x4 after T5 18 cbm dust suppression truckSkill strong, long range, penetration, strong adhesion fog particles, covering a wide range can be achieved precision spray.

2.After the 6x4 and dust truckHigh efficiency, high speed spray;When water yard prone to dust removal, sprayed mist of fine particles, when the dust is in contact with the float, to form a wet mist, dust suppression can quickly sink down, the amount of mist settling rate of95%.

3.18 CBM and dust truckSecondary atomization techniques, using a specific promoter from the wind turbine the wind direction changing means so as to form an angle with the direction of flow of the fog particles to promote the full atomization of water.When droplets ejected from the nozzle is further crushed in a high-speed high-pressure air spray, droplet and the speed is gradually increased, to improve the degree of atomization, the atomization generally up to about50-150umThe droplet diameter.

4.Dongfeng 6x4 after the dust suppression truckAuxiliary power flexible, both with three-phase mains 380V also can be equipped with diesel power generators.

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