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Dongfeng Yuhu XCMG 6.3 ton truck-mounted crane

Real shot pictures of Dongfeng Yuhu XCMG 6.3 ton truck crane

Dongfeng Yuhu XCMG 6.3 ton truck mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Yuhu XCMG 6.3 ton truck-mounted crane, D912 luxury cab, Yuchai 160 horsepower engine, four-cylinder engine, EuroV emission standard, Shaanxi Fast 8-speed gearbox, with high and low gears, 250mm double There are three-layer partial beams, 9 tons rear axle, 9.00 steel tires for the whole vehicle, 5100mm wheelbase, and the standard of the truck go box can be 5.8 meters. It can be made into a manual telescopic or hydraulic telescopic container. The telescopic length can be selected, with a direction assist, the original Factory power take-off, ABS anti-lock brake system, air-break brake system, new regulations on the brand configuration in 2018.

Crane parameters:
Install XCMG’s 6.3 ton four-section straight-arm crane, which can rotate 360 degrees and operate downwards (four-direction operation is optional, and the price is additional 5000 yuan) The maximum lifting height of the crane is 13 meters, the maximum working radius is 11 meters, and the maximum lifting weight is 6.3 tons. XCMG cranes are guaranteed by XCMG Group for one year, and XCMG after-sales service stations can be guaranteed.
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