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Dongfeng Yuhu 12 t sprinkler

Dongfeng Yuhu 12 t sprinkler

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng truck chassis original model EQ1168GLJ4.Solid and stable, strong bearing capacity.Dongfeng Yuhu T702 cab, spacious and bright, nice view, ride more comfortable, elegant appearance, atmosphere, full of a sense of security.



Yuhu 12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng engine with five engine Yuchai YC6J180-50 model Euro , 6500 emissions, powerful, Euro V emission standards, good environmental performance.6-speed transmission, free conversion, to meet the different needs of the driver’s driving.3950mm wheelbase, with Hu Yu Dongfeng power steering, electric Dongfengows, breathe brake, luxury arc dashboard, two stepping, Protected, camels original battery, 9.00R20 steel tire, better wear resistance and bearing capacity, longer life, greater truckrying capacity.ABS with the original model 3631010-C2000, higher safety performance.



12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng Yuhu Tops configuration: Tank with a thickness of 5mm GB Q235 advanced disposable rolled truckbon steel plate rolled from technology, advanced welding machines, welding, soldering seamless completely done, clean, beautiful atmosphere.Seamless steel pipe using color zinc plated corrosion preventive treatment.Tank volume is 12 cubic meters.

Hu Yu DF equipped Hangzhou Veyron dedicated sprinkler pump power, self-priming from the row, the maximum height of 7 m water absorption, standard sprinkler pediment, sprinkle, side spray, tail working platform, the platform like a water cannon.The maximum width of sprinkler 16 meters, 22 meters maximum range.After watering platform equipped with a water cannon may be rotated 360 degrees, may be adjusted raw straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, rain, drizzle, etc. in different states, the columnar water cannon maximum range of 28 meters, 5 meters maximum range of mist, available remote watering and flushing tall trees, fire sprinkler also has interfaces for emergency fire fighting.



Yuhu 12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng attractive appearance: wide-body cabin space is large, well-equipped, easy to operate, making the ride more comfortable, sedate atmosphere appears white cab, full of a sense of security.Oblong tank structure, making the truck look more shape, nice.The tank is provided with anti-wave partitions, having the effect of wave anti-swing, so that the sprinkler can smoothly travel at different sections.Body color is a combination of one white and small , highlighting the theme of environmental protection, the left and right sides of the tank marked with a ” sprinkler ” or “green sprinkler ” message, but also reveal the identity of urban greening and environmental protection guards.




Yuhu Tops tons sprinkler Dongfeng pluripotent

Tank effective volume of about 12 cubic sprinkler , Yifeng Suizhou pump, tank for 4MM steel plate, the tank and vehicle dimensions according announcement.Vehicle pediment, sprinkle, side spray, with fire interface 65, after the platform with doors with no bubbles, the front seal headband level gauge, with the main line after the platform 1 inch watering interfaces, the ladder.

Rear platform with a small truckd security told: “stop at any time, pay attention to safety”, with two water pipes and end yin and yang.Tank Color: small east on white, on both sides of the can body spray “spray vehicles Green Flower”, label reflective stickers.

sprinkler with front or duck-shaped nozzle mouth round punch, mounted behind the nozzle or showerhead cylindrical sprinkler nozzle opening, a rear work platform, equipped with a water cannon.Also the rear mounted nozzle 8 (optional).

Water are generally used for rinsing the street, from dust and cooling effect, the water jet may change the spray direction and angle of the sprinkler nozzle by the method of adjusting the threaded overhead monitor can be used for landscaping and emergency fire and rural.Shower intermediate nozzle passage can be poured off sprinkler washed from dust, clean air acts.



Yuhu 12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng cost-effective

Optimal cost-effective, chassis 6666, converted the spot 100, 24 hours a day, 20,000 km long oil change, save time and worry and effort, camel maintenance-free battery, LED daytime running lights chase trends

Wuhan 4mm using a high-truckbon steel plate rolled molding, seamless molded completely done.Tank equipped with multi-channel anti-wave partitions, high pressure gas leak detection, the tank has high strength, stable center of gravity, safe and stable truckrier vehicle 4.

Tank looks primed rust and decorative finishes, tanks and various visual bumper stickers red and white reflective tape, spray both sides of the tank “green sprinkler ” word (according to your requirement inkjet words), the tank the factory is one white color green or small on the white (the color of your request printing).



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Yuhu 12 tons sprinkler Dongfeng mainly suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler , pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truckeer.


Dongfeng sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage:Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler , 10 tons sprinkler Dongfeng, Dongfeng5 tons sprinkler , 8 tons sprinkler DF, DF 140 DF 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler , sprinkler and other Dongfeng Duolika d9.


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