Dongfeng Xiaokang Euro Five Refrigerator Truck (Bread)

Dongfeng Xiaokang Guowu Refrigerator Truck adopts Dongfeng Xiaokang’s original Guowu chassis, and the model is a blue brand model. Dongfeng Xiaokang environmentally friendly power gasoline engine National Five 106 horsepower engine. The carriage board is formed at one time and is pressed by the domestic advanced 16-meter hydraulic press. The inner and outer materials of the compartment board are made of high-quality glass steel plate, and the middle layer is 8 cm polyurethane foam insulation material. The four sides are glued together with high-strength natural resin glue to form a closed plate, which is fastened with high-strength screws when assembled into a compartment. In addition, multiple layers of high-quality glass cloth are added to enhance the firmness and heat preservation performance of the car body after bonding. The shape is selected high-quality and beautiful aluminum alloy edging, and the accessories are made of all stainless steel. Using domestic well-known brand refrigeration units (convenient after-sales service), the temperature can reach minus 18 degrees, and the temperature can be adjusted by itself.

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Xiaokang Euro Five refrigerated truck (bread)

Dongfeng Xiaokang  Euro  Five Refrigerator Truck (Bread)

Dongfeng Xiaokang Euro Five refrigerated transport trucks are generally used to transport fresh blood, wholesale goods, medical equipment, vaccines, logistics, express delivery, and postal services.

Dongfeng Xiaokang Euro 5 refrigerated truck has a beautiful appearance, and its speed can reach 120km/h, which is unmatched by other special vehicles. This truck has single-row and double-row cabs for customers to choose from. The engine of this truck is new to the Euro 5 standard, which is energy-saving, fuel-efficient and less polluting. The engine is the original gasoline engine of Dongfeng Company, with 108 horsepower and a rated load of 0.82 tons. It is the best choice for hospitals, express companies, express companies, health clinics, and pharmaceutical companies.

【The main technical parameters】

Product trademark

Cheng Liwei

Announcement batch


product name

Refrigerated truck

Product number

CLW5025XLC5 refrigerated truck

Total mass (Kg)


Tank volume (m3)

Rated load quality (Kg)


Dimensions (mm)

4500 ×1680×2240

Curb weight (Kg)


Cargo compartment size (mm)


The number of passengers in the cab (person)


Load quality utilization factor

Approach angle/departure angle (°)


Front suspension/rear suspension (mm)


Number of axes


Wheelbase (mm)


Axle load (Kg)


Maximum speed (Km/h)



Remarks: 1. Equipped with special equipment such as refrigeration unit; 2. Optional front fog lights, optional electric exterior mirrors, D-pillar decorations, front grilles, aluminum wheels, and side windows with optional adhesive glass and sliding Two types of glass, optional wheel rim, electronic power steering. The middle side window is equipped with new style sliding glass, the rear logo, tire, rim cover, rearview mirror, optional double sliding door, optional ABS, ABS system Controller model: WX28, ABS system controller manufacturer: Zhejiang Wanxiang Precision Co., Ltd., ABS system control mode: active; 3. The top of the truck riage is closed and cannot be opened, the driving area is effectively isolated from the truck go warehouse, and the truck go compartment has no windows 4. Engine net power value: 71kW. Optional DK15-09 engine, the maximum net power is 76KW. 5. The rated load mass and number of people correspond to 530/2,335/2+3.

【Chassis technical parameters】

Chassis model

Chassis name

Trade name


Dongfeng Company

Dimensions (mm)

4500 ×1680×2240

Number of tires


Approach angle/departure angle (°)


Tire specifications

185R14LT 6PR,185/80R14 95S,175/80R14 92S,175/70R14LT,185/65R 14

Number of leaf spring


Front track (mm)


Fuel type

Gasoline natural gas

Rear track (mm)


Emission Standards

Euro five

engine model

Engine manufacturer

Displacement (ml)

Power (Kw)

DK13-09 DK15-09

Chongqing Yu'an Huaihai Power Co., Ltd. Chongqing Xiaokang Power Co., Ltd.

1375 1498

74 80

Wind off bread refrigerated trucks inside and outside envelope fiberglass, laminated insulation material polyurethane intermediate vacuum suction sections forming a composite; thickness 8cm, having a high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low thermal conductivity, no pollution, not easily damaged, etc. , The bottom plate is made of aluminum alloy non-slip checkered plate to ensure the insulation performance and impact strength of the bottom plate. The door frame is sealed with imported high-quality rubber (EPDM) sealing strips to ensure the stability of the insulation effect of the truck body. The door sides, door locks and accessories are all made of stainless steel. The refrigerated truck cooling temperature can be equipped with independent and non-independent units according to user needs.

Dongfeng Xiaokang Bread Type Euro Five Refrigerator Truck Medical Equipment Transporter, Freezer Truck, Fresh-keeping Truck, Vaccine Transporter

1. FRP refrigerated body, yacht manufacturing technology, to ensure moisture and corrosion resistance.

2. The single wall thickness of the refrigerated compartment is 70mm, with strong heat insulation and thick density, exceeding industry standards.

3. Diversion interior design, accelerate the flow of cold air in the warehouse, with a constant temperature of 2-8 degrees, suitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Flat panel interior, effective volume up to 3.6 cubic meters meters, thermometer -20 degrees-20 degrees, suitable for cold chain industry.

5. Triple double system (dual control, double bracket, double compressor) and original truck air conditioner, gasoline, natural gas to ensure energy saving and environmental protection.

6. The refrigeration unit adopts ultra-cool units, a joint venture brand, and 600 after-sales points.

7. Meet the GSP verification system standards of the Euro Drug Administration

Dongfeng Xiaokang  Euro  Five Refrigerator Truck (Bread)

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