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Dongfeng Xiaodolika smallRoad Sweeper ( Euro V)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Xiaodolika Blue Road Sweeper ( Euro V)

Dongfeng Duolika road sweeper

Dongfeng DLK small sweeper is to reach a Euro V emission standards of small sweeper, volume 1 cubic tank car, trash volume of 4 cubic meters, Dongfeng DLK small small sweeper uses well-known accessories , Reliable quality, high cleaning and easy maintenance. Beautiful appearance. Widely used in municipal sanitation, living quarters, etc.

bottomDisk configuration:Dolica D6Single row cab, Zhiyu white , wheelbase 3308 , Euro fiveYuchaiEngine YC4FA115-50 , gearbox 5A100 ( 5TS40 ), front and rear axles 1.8Ton/Rear axle3.5 , frame 190 leaf spring 6/6+5 , tire 7.00R16 12PRDirection boost, Clutch air assist, ABS , exhaust brake, dryer, power window, central lock, ESC headlight.

Standard configuration:With 4 sweep pans , JMC deputy493Engine; Italian motor; Schneider control switch; Taiwan solenoid valve group; maintenance-free self-separating clutch; maintenance-free fan; stainless steel water tank trash can; LED arrow light at the rear , manual pump emergency system. Sweeping width 2.8-3.2m ; suction particle size φ 110mm .

Dongfeng Xiaodolika Blue Road Sweeper ( Euro V) configuration

engine model:


Engine manufacturer:

Dongfeng Chaoyang Chaochai Power Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dimensions ( length / width / height ) :

5995 × 1990 × 2590

Curb weight (kg) :


Rated load capacity (kg) :


Total mass (Kg) :


Wheelbase (mm) :


Rated number of passengers:


Number of tires:


Tire specifications:

7.00R16 tire

Approach angle / departure angle


Front track / rear track

1880 / 1860,1800

Identification code:

L GAX2 ×××

According to the standard:

Euro V ( Euro V)

Water tank


Trash can


Sub-engine model

JMC 78 horsepower

High pressure /Kmp


Sweeping width

2.5-2.8 m

Operating speed 


Maximum operating capacity 

4 0 000 m2/h

Maximum suction particle size

120 mm

Cleaning efficiency


Maximum speed


Dongfeng Duolika road sweeper

Dongfeng DFAC Duolika road sweeper

Dongfeng Duolika road sweeper

Dongfeng Duolika road sweeper

Dongfeng Duolika road sweeper

 The conditions for the small  on the road sweeper are as follows:
1. The length of the commercial vehicle must be less than or equal to 6 meters;
2. The tonnage of commercial vehicles is less than or equal to 1.5 tons;
3. The total mass of commercial vehicles must be less than or equal to 4.5 tons.
The above three conditions must be met at the same time to meet the small  requirements.

 The difference between a yellow card and a small  TRUCK in china:
1. Requirements for the driver's license: yellow card cars need a B or above to drive, small  cars or a C or above can drive;
2. Restricted traffic conditions: Yellow card vehicles must apply for a pass before they can enter the urban area; small  vehicles can operate in the urban area at will;
3. Charging standard: yellow card cars receive more, small  cars receive less;
4. Vehicle inspection period: Yellow card vehicles need to apply for an operating license, which is reviewed once a quarter; small  vehicles do not need to apply for an operating license, which is reviewed once every two years.
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