Dongfeng Xiaodolika 5000 liters washing and sweeping truck


Dongfeng Xiaodolika 5000 liters washing and sweeping truck

Chassis configuration: using Quanchai 115 horsepower, Wanliyang 5TS40 gearbox, 7.00R16 steel tires, 1.8T front axle, 3.5T rear axle, 188 double-layer frame, air brake, air brake, power windows, central control, belt Air conditioning, ABS.

Dongfeng Xiaodolika 5000 liters washing and sweeping truck

Dongfeng small washing and sweeping truck configuration:

1. The water tank is 3 square meters, and the trash can is 2.5 square meters. The water-saving design is adopted, and the single operation time can reach 2 hours.

2. Equipped with JMC 64KW auxiliary engine, maintenance-free automatic clutch, high-quality maintenance-free fan, Huibo joint venture solenoid valve group, wear-resistant hydraulic cylinder, Siemens electronic control switch

3. Left and right front sweep and rear suction cup spray dust pressure system, front sweep automatic avoidance function.

4. The sweeping width is 3.2 meters, the diameter of inhaled particles is 10 cm, and the working capacity is 3500-4000 square meters per hour.

5. The vehicle is equipped with two-way operation buttons and high-pressure flushing function.

Washing and sweeping car series:

1. Washing and sweeping the pavement-washing and sweeping the pavement and taking away sewage and garbage can solve the problem of pavement cleaning;

2. Cleaning the roadside-cleaning the roadside stones, which can simultaneously wash the roadside stone facade and the pavement close to the roadside, and wash the top surface of the roadside stone;

3. Washing reel-the right rear side of the washing and sweeping car is equipped with a mechanical automatic winding washing reel, equipped with a 20-meter high-pressure hose, which can be used to wash the car body and other places that need to be cleaned. The hand-held stainless steel spray gun is equipped with a quick connector, which can be easily connected or disconnected from the washing reel, and the high-pressure water generated can easily wash away the small advertisements on the roadside.

4. Rear spray-the rear spray rod is installed at the rear of the vehicle, which can spray the road surface to keep warm and reduce dust.

5. Low-pressure forward dash-low-pressure forward dash is installed under the front of the cab, with a washing width of up to 24 meters, which can wash a large area of the road like a sprinkler.

Dongfeng Xiaodolika 5000 liters washing and sweeping truckDongfeng Xiaodolika 5000 liters washing and sweeping truck

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