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Dongfeng Xiaobawang refrigerated truck (gasoline) (3 meters long)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Xiaobawang refrigerated truck (gasoline) (3 meters long)

Dongfeng Xiaobawang refrigerated truckUsing Liuzhou Wuling LJ465Q-2AE gasoline engine that meets the Euro IV emission standards, 45KW, 61 horsepower, the cab cannot be turned, no air conditioning, no rotation, 5-speed gearbox, 2700 wheelbase, 175/70R13LT tubeless tires, oil brakes, The rear axle of 3 tons, the total mass is 2920kg, the rated load is 1380kg, and the maintenance is 1410kg.
Car body:The size is 3000×1480×1500mm, using glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, patterned aluminum bottom plate, 8cm polyurethane insulation, stainless steel door locks, equipped with double doors, -5 degrees refrigeration unit.

Company Name Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. product name Dongfeng Xiaobawang refrigerated truck
Product number CLW5031XLC4 refrigerated truck Product trademark Cheng Liwei
Chassis model DFA1030SJ40QD-KM Chassis manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Corporation
Dimensions (mm) 4735*1650*2400 Body size (volume) 3000*1480*1500 (6.7 cbm )
Total mass (kg) 2920 Curb weight (kg) 1410
Rated load weight kg 1380 Wheelbase (MM) 2700
engine model Engine manufacturer Engine horsepower
LJ465Q-2AE Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. 61 horsepower
Number of tires 4 Tire specifications 165/70R13 tubeless tire
Emission Standards Euro four Maximum speed (km/h) 90
Fuel type gasoline Number of passengers 2
Front track 1260 Rear track 1340
Performance Introduction Dongfeng micro truck refrigerated truck, model: CLW5031XLC4, engine model: LJ465Q-2AE, 61 horsepower Euro four gasoline engine, Dongfeng V series Xiaobawang cab, 2.7-meter wheelbase, 5-speed gearbox, front and rear drum brakes, 175R13LT 8PR Tubeless tire, 130mm beam, 1 ton front axle and 1.5 tons rear axle. Vehicle size: 4735X1650X2400MM Car body size: 3000*1480*1500MM, the truck body is made of inner color steel plate and outer glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the middle is 6 cm thick polyurethane insulation board, equipped with high-performance refrigeration unit, the inner temperature can reach 2 to 8 degrees. Other standard equipment, provide the vehicle certificate and the invoice. The top of the truck body is closed and cannot be opened. Fuel consumption correspondence (L/100km): LJ465Q-2AE fuel consumption is 7.57.

★ For the refrigerated trucks produced by our company, the internal and external walls of the compartment are made of domestic high-quality machine-made glass fiber reinforced plastics or color steel plates; 8mm thick imported polyurethane insulation materials are used in the middle; combined with the domestic leading large-scale vacuum recompressor, the surface of the compartment is smooth and flat. , High strength and long service life. The truck body is surrounded by aluminum alloy edging; the bottom plate is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or aluminum checkered plate, and the bottom plate of the truck body and Sitong can be equipped with stainless steel ventilation slots to facilitate the flow of cold air through the truck and keep the temperature in the compartment balanced.
★Refrigeration unit part: 1. Condenser; 2. Overhead ultra-thin/standard evaporator; 3 chassis engine-driven compressor; 4 cab control box; 5. Non-chlorine environmentally friendly refrigerant; 6 automatic hot gas defrosting.
★ The refrigeration unit can be equipped with well-known domestic brands or imported units, and the temperature can reach different temperature requirements such as medical transportation standards, fresh-keeping refrigeration standards, supermarkets and cold storage. This unit has simple structure, convenient operation, reliable operation, low energy consumption and large cooling capacity. Low noise, easy installation and maintenance, etc.
★ The whole vehicle is manufactured with the latest inter Euro technology and new technology, and has good thermal insulation performance. Beautiful appearance and high overall strength. The compartment has heat insulation, strong heat preservation, high flatness, good impact resistance, and has good corrosion resistance and aging resistance to atmosphere, water, acid, alkali, salt and other media.

Dedicated configuration ★ Standard aluminum alloy profiles, stainless steel locks, glass steel plate or pattern anti-rust aluminum plate. The refrigeration unit can be equipped with Hanxue, Huatai, Hanya, American Carrier, K brand, etc. Meat hook guide rail, ventilation slot, side door opening, heating device, temperature and humidity recorder can be selected according to user requirements.
Contact: Manager Jiang QQ and email: 907115110
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