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Dongfeng Tuyi refrigerated truck ( EuroVI)

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Tuyi refrigerated truck (Euro VI)

DF way Yi refrigerated trucks is a way using wind Yi special refrigerated trucks chassis modified to achieve the Euro emission standards six, 112 horsepower gasoline engine, fiberglass inside and outside envelope, with homemade -5 degrees or -15 degrees insulation unit, the small , C certificate can be driven, the model is small and powerful, it is one of the best models for urban cold chain logistics transfer.

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Tuyi single-row cab, the cab can hold 2 people, Liuzhou Wuling 1.5-displacement 112-horsepower gasoline engine, engine model LJ4A15Q6, Euro VI emission standard, 5-speed gearbox, oil brake, cab with original factory Air conditioning, direction assist, electric glass, central control door lock, remote control key, with small tooth phone, fixed speed cruise, 175 tubeless tires.

Car body configuration: the size of the box body length × width × height: 3311 × 1600 × 1750 about 9.8 cubic, the thickness of the body is 8 cm. The inner and outer plates are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic for refrigerated trucks, (reflecting sunlight), the middle layer is made of polyurethane foam heat insulation material, (fire-resistant, flame-retardant and heat-insulating) vacuum composite bonding, the configuration box is all stainless steel locks, stainless steel corners , Stainless steel door frame with ceiling light and anti-collision block. The bottom of the box body is an aluminum checkered plate.

Main technical parameters of Dongfeng Tuyi Euro VI refrigerated truck
product name EQ5030XLC16QDAC refrigerated truck Emission Standards Euro Six
Dimensions (mm) 5635,5450×1765,1820,1910×2220,2590,2770 Environmental protection standards: no
Body size (mm) 3500,3380×1600,1737,1830×1380,1750 license
Total mass (kg) 2705 Fuel oil gasoline
Rated mass (kg) 495 Number of tires: 6
Curb weight (kg) 2080 Top speed (km/h) 100
Tire specifications 175R14LT 8PR,185R15LT 8PR
Engine parameters of Dongfeng Tuyi Euro VI refrigerated truck
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ML) Power (ML)
LJ4A15Q6 Liuzhou Wuling Liuji Power Co., Ltd. 1499 83

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