Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper


Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper

Dongfeng Tianlong 20 square cleaning and sweeping vehicle, the vehicle model is CLW5250TXSD6, the external dimensions are 9600, 9850, 10600 × 2510 × 3350 (mm), engine: Cummins 290 horsepower engine, gearbox: 8 gears, wheelbase: 4350+1350, volume: 10 square water/10 square dust, chassis model: DFH1250D4, 5 tons front axle/10 tons double rear axle, tire model: 11.00R20 18PR.

Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper

Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper

Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper

Introduction of Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper

1. The washing and sweeping truck is modified on the basis of the chassis to realize the road sweeping function.

2. The auxiliary engine adopts Jiangling or Cummins series engine, which has abundant power.

3. The vehicle integrates the functions of a road sweeper, a sprinkler, and a high-pressure cleaning vehicle. It has road cleaning, road scrubbing, high-pressure cleaning, low-pressure cleaning, curb scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recycling, spray dust reduction and road separation wall cleaning, Various operation functions such as small advertisement cleaning.

4. It adopts the structure of "center-mounted two vertical sweeps + center-mounted wide nozzle (built-in high-pressure water spray rod) + left and right high-pressure side spray rods".

5. Using advanced intelligent one-key control technology, all operations are completed in the cab. During operation, only the operation mode is selected, and the start and shutdown of each operation mechanism are automatically controlled by the program. There are 9 operation modes to choose from, including full washing and sweeping operation, left washing and sweeping operation, right washing and sweeping operation, full sweeping operation, left sweeping operation, right sweeping operation, full suction operation, left washing operation and right washing operation.

6. On the basis of the one-key control technology, the auxiliary engine manual throttle control system is added, which can independently adjust the throttle size according to the road conditions, which effectively enhances the cleaning effect and reduces fuel consumption.

7. Up to 16 voice prompts and music alarms can accurately broadcast various safety prompts and fault points.

8. Equipped with reversing protection device. In case of emergency reversing during operation, the intelligent control system will automatically stop the operation and retract the sweep disc, suction cup and side spray rod; it has the protection to prevent the dumping bin from being lifted and the safety protection for maintenance.

9. Equipped with a dustbin lifting safety protection device to ensure that the dustbin cannot be lifted when the back door is not opened.

10. When the safety bar is not put down, the intelligent system will prohibit the trash can from returning, which can effectively prevent accidents during maintenance.

11. It adopts a center-mounted full-floating double-suction super-wide suction nozzle with a diameter of 180mm. The built-in long row of high-pressure water spray rods have small ground clearance and large water flow impact, which can directly send sewage to the suction port, with less operation splash and high sewage absorption rate.

12. The appearance of the whole vehicle adopts a folded rib structure, which effectively reduces its own weight and enhances the strength and rigidity of the trash bin; the whole vehicle adopts a three-section, front-connected water tank, and a middle-mounted connecting machine compartment cover. The structure is reasonable, detachable and convenient. repair.

13. The closing and locking mechanism of the rear door adopts the latch type, which has good stability and good airtightness.

14. The auxiliary engine is equipped with a vehicle clutch. When starting and stopping, the cylinder drives the clutch to disengage and connect after a delay. The separation and engagement of the clutch is automatically controlled by the electronic control system without manual operation, which effectively avoids damage to the fan, high-pressure water pump, and engine.

15. The high-pressure water pump is imported from Germany. When the high-pressure water pump is started and the working water valve is switched, the water pump can automatically unload. Through the triple protection of air circulation, safety valve and overflow valve, it can effectively prevent damage to the high-pressure water pump.

16. Imported high-quality hydraulic valve can ensure the stability and smoothness of the hydraulic action of the whole vehicle.

17. The high-quality hydraulic motor can ensure the stability of the sweeping plate rotation and long service life.

18. The sewage tank adopts a large flat slope structure, and the maximum discharge angle can reach 50 degrees, making it easier to dump garbage. The sewage tank is equipped with an anti-overflow alarm device and a high-pressure spray cleaning device. The anti-overflow alarm device can prevent the sewage from overflowing from the suction pipe and cause secondary pollution; the high-pressure spray cleaning device can carry out the sewage tank after dumping the garbage Automatic cleaning greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

19. The dustbin is made of 4mm stainless steel, which can prevent general corrosion and prolong its service life.

20. There is a low water level sensor alarm system in the clean water tank, which automatically alarms when there is no water to prevent the water pump from being damaged by water shortage.

21. There is a mechanical automatic winding and washing reel on the side and rear, equipped with a 20m high-pressure hose and a cleaning gun of different angles, which can be used to clean the car body and other equipment and facilities.

22. Set up high-definition surveillance probes on the right sweep pan and the rear of the trash bin, and set up a high-definition LCD display in the cab. The screen can be switched to the right sweep pan position and the rear position of the trash bin. Monitoring the operating conditions and the quality of the entire vehicle.

23. The gear pump of the hydraulic system adopts domestic high-quality pumps with reliable performance. The valve manufacturer is an internationally recognized professional hydraulic component manufacturer.

24. A manual pump is added to the hydraulic system, so that when the system encounters special conditions, such as the auxiliary engine can not work normally, the manual pump can be used to complete the dumping of garbage and the resetting of the hydraulic cylinders. With anti-hydraulic leakage function.

25. The low-pressure water pump adopts a well-known domestic brand and is controlled by a pneumatic ball valve in the cab. The maximum hedging width can reach 21 meters.

26. The high-performance engineering plastic spacer is used in the sweeping brush arm, which has good abrasion resistance, free of grease and maintenance, and saves manpower and material resources.

27. The double-layer stainless steel vacuum cleaner is convenient for replacement after long-term wear and tear.

Dongfeng Tianlong washer and sweeper

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