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Dongfeng Tianlong refrigerated truck

Dongfeng Tianlong refrigerated truck


Detailed vehicle parameters Euro 6 emission Dongfeng Tianlong front four rear eight refrigerated trucks Main technical data Product name Dongfeng Tianlong front four rear eight refrigerated trucks Exterior dimensions (mm) 1200026003990 Vehicle model DFH5310XLCDX1 Cargo compartment size (mm) 950024402450,2500 Front passenger 2,3 Environmental protection / exemption



Detailed vehicle parameters


Euro 6 emission Dongfeng Tianlong refrigerated truck chassis configuration: Dongfeng commercial 465 horsepower engine, 10.8L displacement, high roof double cab, aluminum alloy 1000L fuel tank, four-point airbag suspension, hydraulic electric flip, air conditioning, central control Lock, electric door and window lift.
Euro 6-emission Dongfeng Tianlong refrigerated compartment body material: 3mm thick new matt glass fiber reinforced plastic; side panel + top panel: keel broken bridge is pine composite board; wooden temperature insulation structure; sandwich is made of polyurethane insulation material; fully sealed Double-combination polyurethane glue adhesion; the thickness of the car body is 8cm; the galvanized corners; the latest aluminum alloy edging profile; the partial thickness of the profile is 4mm (reinforced by steel rivets); the interior of the car body adopts 1 LED lighting lamp and the body Width indicator light; rear door frame is made of 2mm thick stainless steel; door frame sealing strip is made of EPDM rubber; thickened stainless steel hinges and locks; auxiliary beam is Q510 car beam steel; 15mm thick beam pad; additional installation Anti-collision rubber block; 3M reflective rubber sheet; optional meat hook guide rail, floor ventilation slot, temperature and humidity recorder and other equipment inside the compartment, the refrigeration equipment can be domestic Zhengzhou Kaixue 960 non-independent cooler, and imported independent cooler can be optional It is equipped with an independent cooling engine of American Carrier S850 or American Refrigerator T800, optionally equipped with an electric system.


Dongfeng Tianlong refrigerated truck

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