Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck

Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle has many functions such as road cleaning, road cleaning, curb cleaning, curb and curb facade scrubbing, low-pressure washing, spray dust removal and other functions. There are 6 operation modes to choose from: "Full wash and sweep", "Left wash and sweep", "Right wash and sweep", "Full sweep", "Left sweep and sweep", "Right sweep and sweep". Choose the "full washing and sweeping" mode to clean the square and pavement, the cleaning efficiency is high and the effect is good, and the cleaning rate is over 90%. Choose the "left washing and sweeping" or "right washing and sweeping" mode to clean the road surface and curbs, and scrub the curb facade. When road cleaning or road cleaning is required, the road sweeping mode can be selected. When spray dust removal is required, the spray device can be turned on for spray dust removal. The road surface can be washed with low pressure like a sprinkler . It is used for mechanized cleaning, cleaning, spraying and dust suppression of urban roads, highways, squares, airports, docks, tunnels, bridges, isolation walls, curbs and curb facades.

Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck


Parameter characteristics of Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck

1. Parameter configuration
Vehicle model CLW5161TXSD5 sweeper Remarks
Second-class chassis model DFL1160BX1V  
Wheelbase 4700, 5000mm  
Front/rear suspension 1430/2150 mm  
engine model Chassis engine
ISD210 50 ISD190 50 ISD180 50 EQH180-52 EQH180-53 ISB180 50 ISD270 50 ISB210 50 ISB190 50
Auxiliary engine B170  
Engine rated power Chassis engine
155 144 132 132 132 132 198 155 140 kW
Auxiliary engine 117 kW  
Maximum climbing angle 30%  
Minimum turning diameter ≤16m  
emission GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro V  
Noise outside accelerating vehicle ≤84dB (A), meeting the requirements of the second stage of noise  
Maximum speed 98 km/h  
Approach angle 20°  
Departure angle 13°  
Braking distance ≤10m  
Quality parameter Curb quality 11750 kg  
Maximum total mass 15800kg  
Size parameters Dimensions (length × width × height) 8580×2490×3100mm  
Minimum ground clearance 230mm  
High pressure cleaning Cleaning speed   3~20Km/h  
Cleaning width 3.5m  
Cleaning water pressure 10MPa  
Pump flow 154L/min  
Suction sweeping operation Cleaning efficiency ≥95%  
Maximum suction particle size 110mm  
Suction sweep width 3.5m  
Maximum cleaning capacity 70000 m³/h  
Extending size of disc brush ≥400mm  
  Suction sweep travel speed 3-20km/h  
Tank Rated capacity of water tank 9m³  
Trash can Rated capacity of trash bin 7 m³  
Opening angle of discharge door ≥45°  
Hydraulic system Type Open type, electrical control  
Main components Gear pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves  
System pressure 16MPa  
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 60L  
Oil temperature 60 ˚C  
Electrical System Type DC24V, PLC programming control system  
Voltage 24V  
Battery 24V (2 pcs of 12V in series)  
High pressure water system Type Plunger pump  
model Germany PF36  
System pressure 10MPa  
Rotating speed 1150r/min  
Water valve type Hydraulic control high pressure ball valve  
Water valve pressure 7MPa  
Nozzle type High pressure washing type  
Water filter Filter type  
Sprinkler system The main components Electric diaphragm pumps, water filters, nozzles, etc.  
Scanning device Type Two sweep discs in the middle, driven by hydraulic motor, adjustable speed, independent control, with automatic avoidance function  
Sweep disc diameter 850mm  
Sweep speed High: 110 Middle: 80 Low: 50  
Sweep angle Forward tilt: 4-6 degrees, outer tilt: 4-7 degrees  
Sucker Type Double suction, hydraulic control, spring suspension.  
Suction mouth diameter 180mm  
Side boom V-shaped boom with automatic avoidance function  
2. On-board tools
Serial number name Quantity Remarks
1 Fire Hose 2 pieces One for adding water, one for sewage
2 Fire Wrench 1 piece Used to disassemble fire hydrant
3 High pressure spray gun (with reel and reel) 1 set Used for high pressure spray gun
4 Spare tire (included with truck ) 1 piece  
5 Manual hydraulic pump rocker (with pump) 1 Used to start the manual hydraulic pump
3. On-board spare parts
Serial number name Quantity  
1 Bristles 66 sticks  
2 Rear door seal 1 piece  
3 Fan sealing strip 1 piece  
4 Vacuum cleaner seal 2 pieces  
5. Import configuration
Serial number name Model specification Manufacturer name
1 High pressure pumps PF36 German PINFL
2 Automatic unloading valve VB200/150 German PINFL
3 Relief valve VS200-180 German PINFL
4 Electric control box controller   Germany STW
5 Rotary switch   Izumi, Japan
6 Recovery tank sensor   Danaher
7 Hydraulic motor BMR125 Brevini, Italy
8 Hydraulic valve SWH-G02-C4-D2H Taiwan Baibu Seiki
Functional characteristics of Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck
1. Function introduction
1) The truck setRoad sweeper,sprinklerwithHigh pressure cleaning truckThe functions are integrated, and the functions of cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, road washing and sewage collection can be completed in one operation.
2) Adopt the operation device arrangement of "two vertical sweeps in the middle + wide suction nozzle in the middle (built-in high pressure water spray rod) + high pressure side spray rod in the middle". It has many functions such as pavement cleaning, pavement scrubbing, high-pressure cleaning, curb scrubbing, garbage collection, sewage recycling, high-pressure spraying and road separation wall cleaning.
3) Adopting advanced intelligent control method, when operating, only after selecting the operating mode, the start and stop of each operating mechanism are automatically controlled by the program. The operation modes include full washing and sweeping operation, left washing and sweeping operation, right washing and sweeping operation, full sweeping operation, left sweeping operation, right sweeping operation and pure suction operation.
4) Equipped with advanced voice prompt alarm device, which can accurately broadcast various safety prompts and broken downs. The whole vehicle has a reverse protection device, which can automatically retract the working device when reversing.
5) Adopt a center-mounted double-suction super-wide suction nozzle with a diameter of 180mm. Its built-in long row of high-pressure water spray rods have small ground clearance and large water impact force, which can directly send sewage to the suction port, with less operation splash and high sewage absorption rate. It can also adjust the washing angle of the long row of nozzles on the road surface according to the pollution of the road surface to make the cleaning effect better.
6) The auxiliary engine is equipped with a vehicle clutch. When starting and stopping, the cylinder drive clutch is disengaged, and it is connected after a delay. The separation and engagement of the clutch is automatically controlled by the electronic control system without manual operation, which effectively avoids damage to the fan, high-pressure water pump, and engine.
7) The high-pressure water pump is imported from Germany. When the high-pressure water pump is started and the working water valve is switched, the water pump can automatically unload. Through the triple protection of air circulation, safety valve and overflow valve, it can effectively prevent damage to the high-pressure water pump.
8) The anti-overflow alarm device and high-pressure spray cleaning device are installed in the garbage bin. The anti-overflow alarm device can prevent the sewage from overflowing from the suction pipe and cause secondary pollution; the high-pressure spray cleaning device can automatically clean the sewage tank after dumping the garbage, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The rear part of the truck is equipped with a mechanical automatic winding and washing reel, equipped with 18m high pressure hose, which can be used forCleaning truck Body and other equipment and facilities.
9) There is a low water level sensor alarm system in the water tank, which automatically alarms when there is no water to prevent the water pump from being damaged by water shortage.
10) A high-definition surveillance probe is installed on the right sweep pan and the rear of the trash bin, and a high-definition LCD display is installed in the cab. The screen can be switched to the right sweep pan and the rear of the trash bin. During operation, you can scan the tray The working conditions and the quality of the whole vehicle operation are monitored.
11) The hydraulic system gear pump adopts domestic high-quality pumps with reliable performance. The valve manufacturer is one of the most professional hydraulic component manufacturers inter Euro ly recognized.
12) A manual pump is added to the hydraulic system, so that when the system encounters special circumstances, such as the auxiliary engine cannot work normally, the manual pump can be used to complete the dumping of garbage and the reset of each hydraulic cylinder. With anti-hydraulic leakage function.
13) The electrical system adopts PLC program automatic control, and the controller adopts German original imported brand, with reliable performance.
2. Features introduction
1) Adopting Dongfeng Tianjin DFL1160BX5 Type II vehicle chassis modification, the engine is Cummins Euro IV emission. The auxiliary engine is Cummins EQB160-20;
2) Adopt the arrangement of clean water tank in front and garbage bin in rear, semi-enclosed auxiliary engine compartment, left and right corner doors + double side doors, easy access for personnel, compact overall structure and convenient maintenance;
3) The grounding pressure of the side sweeping brush system adopts a spring adjustment method, and the sweeping grounding pressure can be adjusted at any time according to the road conditions during work to reduce the wear of the sweeping brush;
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck
4) High-pressure water pumps and water nozzles are all imported products. The water pump is a stainless steel pump head with a pressure of up to 160 Bar and a maximum flow of 154 L/min, which has a better washing effect on the road;
5) The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic system adopts electromagnetic reversing valve, which is neatly arranged and easy to maintain. The hydraulic motor adopts imported brand products. The hydraulic system of the whole vehicle runs reliably, the action is sensitive and effective, and there is no creeping phenomenon of moving components;
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck
6) Special high-pressure centrifugal fan, the maximum air volume can reach 12000m3/h, the blade material is made of special steel, and its special blade shape is extremely difficult to wear;
7) The unique side sweeping brush anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side sweeping brush mechanism and avoid damage caused by the flushing device hitting the teeth at any time;
8) Adopting the working method of sweeping first, scouring later, and absorbing again, it can sweep, scour and absorb garbage and sewage at one time. There is no dust and no water after pavement operation;
9) The high-pressure water circuit is equipped with a quick plug-in anti-freezing water blowing device interface to prevent the water circuit components from being damaged by freezing at low temperatures in winter;
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck
10) The trash bin is made of stainless steel plate, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance;
11) The key components of electrical components adopt high-quality imported components, and the operation control adopts one-key operation, which can realize 9 operation modes, and the control adopts PLC programming controller;
12) Adopting cylinder drive and electric automatic control of vehicle clutch to ensure that the auxiliary engine starts without load, stops without load, and prolongs the service life;
13) Equipped with a flushing winch and flushing gun with automatic retractable function, the flushing gun has a large flow rate and high pressure, which can forcefully flush local oily areas and can flush small advertisements;
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck
14) With voice alarm device, it can realize broken down self-diagnosis function;
15) A row of high-pressure nozzles are installed on the rear protective fence, which has the function of spraying and reducing dust;
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck
16) With low pressure flushing function, the maximum flushing width can reach 24m.
17) The box body adopts triangular bending shape, with novel appearance and high strength.
Dongfeng Tianjin washing and sweeping truck


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