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Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler

Dongfeng Truck crane sprinkler with common parameters
Vehicle related parameters product name DFL5120JSQBX13A Chassis model DFL1120B13 More Dongfeng Shuangqiao truck cranes
Please contact us for the price of the crane
Rated equipment quality 4450, 5150, 4650 Dimensions 9000×2500×3540
Vehicle equipment quality 7850, 7150, 7650 Car body size 5700×2400×600
Maximum total mass 12495 Wheelbase 4700,5000
Maximum speed 100 Number of axes 2
Front suspension/rear suspension 1430/2570 Approach / departure angle 20/10
Fuel type Diesel oil Number of tires 6
Engine parameters of Dongfeng Tianjin sling sprinkler
Engine engine model
B190 33
Engine form In-line six-cylinder water-cooled supercharged diesel engine
Power/displacement 5900/140 Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Co., Ltd.
Remarks: For more Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler related parameters and truck-mounted crane prices , please call (13872888627) Sales Manager: Manager Jiang
Special configuration for Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler
Dedicated configuration Outrigger form: Dongfeng Tianjin sling sprinkler adopts H-shaped outriggers, each outrigger can be adjusted individually to adjust the level of the frame, and the outrigger has a large span

, The stability of the whole machine is good
Operation mode: Dongfeng Tianjin sling sprinkler adopts left and right two-way operation, rotation angle: ±360 degrees, continuous rotation, manual throttle can be used

Adjust the rotation speed and lifting

Optional crane model: optional 3.2 tons 4 tons, 5 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons crane, optional 2 boom or 3 boom. 4 boom

Multi-section arm, straight arm or folded arm
Remarks Different cranes, straight arms or folding arms can be selected according to user requirements
Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler vehicle information
Vehicle description Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler is equipped with Japanese Tadano technology ” Chengliwei ” brand crane with stable quality. Dongfeng 6×4 truck-mounted crane adopts left and right bidirectional operation, rotating 360 degrees, flexible operation up and down, reliable product quality and longevity Long and fast

Scope of application of Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler

Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler has a wide range of operations and can be widely used in various loading, unloading, installation and lifting operations. Dongfeng Tianjin truck-mounted sling sprinkler

Especially suitable for field lifting and rescue operations. Dongfeng 6×4 truck mounted cranes can also be used in stations, ports, warehouses, and construction sites.

Work in narrow places

Advantages of Dongfeng Tianjin Car Sling Sprinkler

1. High power, high vehicle speed, strong climbing ability, high lifting height and large working range.

2. It adopts domestic well-known hydraulic pump system, which can realize rapid lifting, high efficiency and energy saving.

3. It has the advantages of flexibility, convenient operation, high efficiency, safety, reliability and so on.

4. The crane adopts Japanese Tadano technology, which is more mature.


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