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Dongfeng Tianjin Mobile Blood Donation Vehicle

Dongfeng Tianjin mobile blood donation vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

In- truck configuration of mobile blood donation truck t:

(1) Equipped with electrical appliances inside: Gree 1.5 HP air conditioner 1 unit and 1 2 HP cabinet air conditioner, 2 19 (21) inch LCD TVs (optionally 1 42-inch LCD TV with audio, equipped with DVD and Signal receiving device), 1 microwave oven, 2 wall-mounted sterilizers, 1 blood storage refrigerator, 1 48L RV refrigerator, 1 water dispenser (desktop), 2 axial fans, ceiling lights, outdoor lighting, etc.

(2) Main internal facilities: 3 seated blood collection chairs, 2 stainless steel blood collection cabinets, 1 horizontal blood collection chair (bed), 1 heat sealing cabinet, 1 gift cabinet, 1 work wardrobe, combination bar (registration, Storage) 1 set, 1 set of wash basin cabinet (water circuit facilities and electric water pump, water inlet on the outside of the truck body), 8 stools, 2 sets of sofas for rest for 3 persons; the truck is installed with moisture-proof and anti-corrosion floor, aluminum alloy The gusset ceiling, luxury bus curtains ( small ) on both sides, and storage cabinets on the upper rear.

(Optional configuration: UPS system, anti-theft monitoring system, anti-theft windows, left and right LED electronic screens on the upper part of the truck body, front and rear electric advertising scrolling screens) Service tenet: integrity, truck e, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Recreational Vehicle ,

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