Dongfeng Tianjin Joint Dredging Vehicle Euro VI


Hubei Chengli Automobile: Dongfeng Tianjin United Dredging Vehicle National VI product model and parameter configuration, Dongfeng Tianjin United Dredging Vehicle National VI high-definition pictures, Chengli Automobile series Dongfeng Tianjin United Dredging Vehicle National VI latest quotation, please call the customer service hotline. Vehicle technical parameters Vehicle model CLW5165GQWD5 tank volume 15 cubic meters high pressure pipe 60 meters high pressure pump Tongjie 250 high pressure pump total mass 15800kg 10 nozzles curb weight 9288kg rated mass 6317kg external dimensions (mm) 8500*2500*3500mm number of passengers 3 Human chassis technical parameters…

Dongfeng Tianjin Joint Dredging Vehicle Euro VI

Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle model CLW5180GQWD6 Tank volume 9 cubic meters
High pressure pipe 60 meters High-pressure pump Pinfu 250L high pressure pump
Total mass 18000kg Sprinkler 10
Curb quality 11005kg Rated quality 6800,6865kg
Dimensions (mm) 8600,7700×2540×3550,3750mm Number of passengers 3 people


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Dongfeng Tianjin Chassis model DFH1180EX8
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 7 (including spare tire)
Wheelbase (mm) 4700mm Tyre model 10.00 wire tire
Gearbox Dongfeng 6th gear Emission Standards Euro Six
Fuel type Diesel oil brake Steam brake
engine Cummins horsepower 210 horsepower


Basic configuration
Chassis configuration Dongfeng Tianjin United Dredging Vehicle, 4700 wheelbase, Cummins ISB210 engine ( Euro VI environmental protection emission), Dongfeng 6-speed gearbox, 275/80R22.5 18PR tubeless tire (including spare tire), with ABS anti-lock brake system, original factory Heating and cooling air-conditioning, with direction boost, clutch booster, air brake.
Upload configuration
The sewage suction tank has a volume of 9 cubic meters meters and is made of high-quality steel plate of Wuhan Iron and Steel (6 thick). It uses a SK2BE204 water circulation vacuum pump. The upper part of the tank is equipped with a hydraulic suction boom (which can be rotated 360 degrees and is controlled by remote control) and is equipped with a 10-meter sewage suction pipe. A 150 sewage ball valve at the tail, with a 100 self-flow port, a water tank volume of 4 cubic meters meters, equipped with a German Pinfu 250L high-pressure pump, with a 60-meter No. 19 high-pressure pipe, with 10 combined nozzles, the tank can be hydraulically lifted, and the rear cover Can be opened, other standard configuration.


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