Dongfeng Tianjin Flatbed Wrecker Truck

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the Dongfeng Tianjin Flatbed Wrecker is 3 tons. It is retractable, tilted and placed on the ground. It is equipped with a 3-ton hydraulic winch, which can tow the vehicle to the flatbed, and can also pull the vehicles away from the road to the road Rescue is carried out nearby.

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Tianjin flat wrecker truck

Dongfeng Tianjin Flatbed Wrecker Truck


Vehicle parameters of Dongfeng Tianjin flatbed wrecker truck:
Vehicle model
CLW5080TQZDFL wrecker truck
Chassis model
Quality parameter (kg)
Rated loading quality
8320 ×2320× 2750
Whole vehicle curb quality
Car body size
Maximum total mass
Engine parameters
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.
105/140 horsepower
Emission Standards
GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 EuroⅢ
Number of passengers
Maximum speed
Number of leaf spring
8.25-16,8.25R16 Front overhang
Back overhang
Axle load
3600/4890 Front track
Rear track
Special functions of Dongfeng Tianjin flatbed wrecker truck:
Cab description
Flat-head all-metal enclosed cab, single-row seats, double doors, panoramic curved windshield. Optional new front cover, front bumper, front combination lamps, doors and windows, and optional front wall mask.
Rated lifting weight (kg)
Support arm telescopic stroke ( mm ) 1180
Maximum effective length of support arm ( mm ) 1300 Maximum towing vehicle speed (km/h) 40
Plate size length * width (mm) 6 240 × 2100 Minimum tilt angle of plate ( °) 10
Plate working stroke (mm) 2680 Maximum load-bearing weight of flat plate (mm) 3000
Number of winches ( only )
Rated traction mass (kg) 3000
Wire rope length (m) twenty one Rope speed (m/min) 8

Introduction of Dongfeng Tianjin Flatbed Wrecker Truck:

◆ The towing structure is optimized and made of high-strength steel plate. The platform has a maximum load capacity of 3 tons, is retractable, tilts and is placed on the ground. It is equipped with a 3 ton hydraulic winch, which can drag the vehicle to the platform, and can also pull the vehicles away from the road to near the road for rescue.

◆ The lifting mechanism is located at the rear of the vehicle and is independent of the plate mechanism; the lifting arm adopts a compact four-bar mechanism, and the lifting adopts a hydraulically driven automatic tire holding bracket. The lifting arm can be raised and lowered, retractable, foldable, and easy to operate. It is labor-saving and reliable. It is the most advanced and convenient lifting mechanism at home and abroad.

◆ Open hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil pump, multi-way valve, balance valve, etc. adopt imported original hydraulic parts of inter Euro ly renowned brands, and the oil cylinder adopts high-quality imported seals and imported cylinders, and the hydraulic system works reliably.

◆ The electronic control system provides various types of police lights and indicator lights for the wrecker. In addition, it is also equipped with night work lights.

◆ The integral tool box combines the truck body and the tool box into one. In addition to storing tools and accessories, the large platform at the top can store traffic warning signs and other accompanying items; the shape of the tool box matches the entire vehicle, making the entire vehicle beautiful generous.

◆ In order to facilitate the truck riage of vehicles that cannot be driven on wheels, such as illegally parked and the parking brake is inconvenient to release, this wrecker is equipped with a four-wheel auxiliary trolley. The trolley can lift the wheels away from the ground to realize rapid lifting.

◆ There are control rooms on both sides of the truck body, and the control handles in the left and right control rooms are equivalent. During operation, the left or right control can be selected arbitrarily according to the needs of the scene, which is extremely convenient.

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