Dongfeng Tianjin 6 ton foam fire truck

Dongfeng Tianjin 6-ton foam fire truck is made of Dongfeng Tianjin series chassis modified from DFL1160BX1V. The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman's cabin and the body. The cabin is a modified double row, which can take 2+4 people. The vehicle has a built-in tank structure. The front of the body is a water tank + equipment box, and the rear is a pump. House. The liquid carrier tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the interior is sprayed with epoxy primer and epoxy asphalt paint. It is elastically connected to the chassis. It carries 4050kg of water and 1720kg of foam liquid. It is equipped with CB20.10/ 20.40-XZ type medium and low pressure fire pump, rated flow 40L/S, PH32 manual foam proportioning mixer, PL32 vehicle fire monitor produced by Chengdu West Fire Machinery Co., Ltd. is installed on the roof. The biggest feature of the car is maneuverability, good handling and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in public security fire brigade, factories and mines, communities, docks and other places to fight large oil fires and general material fires.

Dongfeng Tianjin 6 ton foam fire truck
The fire performance of the whole vehicle meets the requirements of the GB7956-2014 standard; the chassis has passed the national compulsory product certification; the engine emission meets the requirements of the fifth stage limit of GB17691-2005 (National V standard); the whole vehicle has passed the inspection of the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Report No.: Zb201630559) and has been included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's announcement of new automotive products, and CCCF is in the process of applying.

Vehicle name: Dongfeng Tianjin foam fire truck Vehicle model: JDF5154GXFPM60 foam fire truck Dimensions (mm): 8205×2485×3375
Chassis model: DFL1160BX1V engine: Cummins 180hp/140kw
Tank volume: 6 cubic meters (water tank 4 cubic meters, foam tank 2 cubic meters)
Drive type: 4×2 Emission Standards: Country V/Country V The number of occupants in the cab: 2+4 people
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1880,1900,1920mm Tire specifications: 9.00R20, 10.00R20
Wheelbase: 4700mm Rear Track: 1800,1860,1820mm Number of leaf springs: 9/12+10,8/10+7
Axle load: 5800/10000kg Maximum speed: 95km/h Anti-lock braking system: have
front suspension/rear suspension 1430/2075mm Number of tires: 6 Approaching departure angle: 14/12°
Total mass: 15200kg Rated quality: 5770kg Curb weight: 8980kg
other: Braking system: service brake system, dual-circuit air brake: parking brake, spring energy storage air brake: auxiliary brake, engine exhaust brake.
Overall layout: The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman's cabin and the body. The body layout adopts an integral frame structure, with a water tank inside, equipment boxes on both sides, and a water pump room at the rear. The tank body is a parallel cuboid box tank. .
power takeoff structure and form Integral box type, full power, sandwich type, forced adjustable circulating water cooling, splash oil lubrication
cab Structure type The overall four-door double-row flat head, additional crew room, can take a total of 6 people, the driver's position is on the left
Equipped with firefighting facilities The dashboard of the original car is equipped with a fire control panel and a warning light control box, and 1. an alarm; 2. a power take-off control switch and indicator light; 3. an additional power switch;
equipment box structure and form The main frame structure is welded with high-quality square tube, and the outer decorative plate is welded with carbon steel plate. (Aluminum alloy square tube can be welded according to user needs)
equipment box The equipment box is located at the rear of the passenger compartment, with aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors on both sides and lighting inside. There are storage boxes in the equipment box room according to the needs.
container material High-quality carbon steel with a thickness of 4mm (stainless steel and PP material can be used according to user needs)
jug Manhole: 1 DN460 manhole with quick locking/opening device Connect 1 DN65 port on the left and right sides to the water inlet and outlet: set a water tank to the water pump inlet pipe, DN100 valve, which can be controlled by pneumatic and manual, set a water pump to the water tank filling pipe, DN50 valve, can be controlled by pneumatic and manual
foam tank Manhole: 1 DN460 manhole with quick locking/opening and automatic pressure relief device : Set 1 DN40 foam tank to pump out foam pipe
volume Water tank: 4000kg Foam tank: 1750kg
pump room structure and form The pump room is located at the rear of the vehicle, with aluminum alloy rolling shutters on both sides and the back, with lights inside, and some common equipment can be placed on both sides of the pump room
Equipped with firefighting facilities Water filters, water collectors, water separators, water guns, reducing joints, suction pipe wrenches, etc., can also be added according to special needs: such as hand-lifted motor pumps, fuel heaters, etc.
ladder Ladder and car handle The rear ladder is made of aluminum alloy two-section flip ladder, and the height of the ladder is not more than 350mm when in use.
Fire Pump model CB20.10/20.40 type medium and low pressure fire pump for vehicles
Structure and Performance structure Atmospheric pressure centrifugal
performance low pressure 40L/s @1.0MPa Water diversion time ≤35 The maximum suction depth is 7m
medium pressure 20L/s @2.0MPa
water diversion device Self-contained vane pump
fire monitor model PL32 range Foam≥45m Water≥50m
flow 32L/S
Maximum pitch/depression angle : Depression angle≤-15°, Elevation angle≥+45°
Rotation angle Water and foam dual-purpose fire monitor, 360° horizontal rotation
piping system Pipe material High quality seamless steel pipe
suction line There is a DN125 suction port on the back of the pump room
water injection line There is a DN65 water injection port on the left and right sides of the water tank, and a DN40 water pump is installed in the pump room to inject water into the tank
outlet pipe There are 1 DN65 and 1 DN80 water outlet on the left and right sides of the pump room, with stop valve and cover
Cooling water pipeline Cooling water line and control valve with cooling power take-off
Electrical system Additional electrical independent circuit
Auxiliary lighting The fireman's room, the water pump room and the equipment box are respectively equipped with lighting lamps, and the control panel is equipped with lighting and indicator lights, etc.
Strobe light Red and blue strobe lights are installed on both sides of the body
warning device A long row of full red warning lights is installed on the top of the cab. Siren with control box below driver front
fire lighting 1 35W fire searchlight installed at the rear of the upper body
control system In-cab controls Water pump disengagement, warning light alarm, lighting and signal device control, etc.
Pump room control Bodywork main power switch, parameter display, status display
Optional part With sprinkler function: front flush, rear sprinkler; roof tail lights; standard CB10/40 normal pressure pump, optional CB20.10/20.40 medium and low pressure pump, etc.
serial number name Specification quantity unit Remark
1 straw 125×4 meters 2 root threaded
2 water filter FLF125 1 piece threaded
3 Trap FII80/65×3-1.6 1 piece Internal button
4 water collector JII125/65×2-1.0 1 piece Internal button
5 hose 13-65-20 6 plate low pressure; internal button
6 hose 13-80-20 6 plate low pressure; internal button
7 Reducer KJ65/80 2 piece Internal button
8 Hose wrap DT-SB 4 piece
9 Hose hook 4 piece
10 Ground hydrant wrench QT-DS1; length 400 1 piece
11 underground fire hydrant wrench Long 860 1 piece
12 Suction wrench FS100 2 piece
13 DC switch water gun QZG3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button
14 DC Blossom Water Gun QZK3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button
15 foam gun PQ4/0.7Z 1 branch
16 foam pipette 40*2700 1 piece
17 fire bucket 1 indivual
18 fire extinguisher 3㎏ 1 Tool
19 fire waist axe Length 390; GF-285 1 piece
20 rubber hammer 1 piece
twenty one Rechargeable Portable Lights 1 piece
Dongfeng Tianjin 6 ton foam fire truck
serial number name Specification quantity unit Remark
1 automatic charging device 24V 1 set
2 backrest 3 set
3 air respirator number of members set
4 water hose bridge rubber 2 vice
5 Telescopic Ladder 1 vice
6 Hand pump 1 tower
7 Demolition tool 1 set
8 Other fire fighting equipment

Dongfeng Tianjin 6 ton foam fire truck

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