Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane


Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Guide: The price of Dongfeng T5's new 8-ton truck-mounted crane is ¥260,000, which is made up of the total price of the chassis, crane, rear outriggers, and cargo box. The Dongfeng T5 chassis is divided into four-cylinder and six-cylinder models. The box can be made of horizontal and vertical corrugated or tofu blocks, double doors and three doors can be made, the length of the cargo boX 5600, 5800*2450*550mm, in order to ease the difficulties of car buyers, our company provides regular bank installment business, the interest can be checked, no routines, please contact the sales manager Peng of this site for details: +86 18872992009 (vx same number)

Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Chassis configuration Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

T702 row half cab, Yuchai 200 horsepower engine (4-cylinder, 6-cylinder optional), 8JS85E gearbox, 10.00R20 steel wire tire, direct three-layer local four-layer reinforced beam, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 10 tons, original air conditioner, driving recorder, multi-function steering wheel;

Crane configuration XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Xinfeigong 8-ton five-section straight arm crane, model SQS200-5, double pump, full hydraulic, full rotation, high-altitude operation, the maximum lifting height of the crane is 20 meters, and the maximum working radius is 17.5 meters. When the boom is fully extended, the maximum lifting capacity is 1.1 tons;

Cargo box specifications: Cargo box length 5.8 meters, width 2.45 meters, height 55 cm, standard thickness of the box side plate 3mm, bottom plate 5mm, the bottom beam is encrypted, the channel steel is thickened, users can also choose the cargo box according to the requirements of the announcement. Style, the cargo box of the car can be equipped with a ladder function at the rear, which can load and unload excavators under 15 tons.

Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Announcement parameters Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

vehicle model EQ5180JSQL6D, XCL5180JSQL6, total mass 18000KG, curb weight 12050KG, comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km) 23.7 (YCS04200-68), tire specification 10.00R20 18PR, Century Carter brand announcement optional folding arm crane Machine, optional ladder flat cargo box.

More pictures of Dongfeng T5's new new Feigong 8-ton truck-mounted crane

Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Dongfeng T5 truck XINFEIGONG 8 tons crane

Advantages of the new flying crane

One: hydraulic system

1. Oil pump: Jinan 7313 military double high-pressure oil pump "large quality, high oil pressure, Xuchang factory accessories"

2. Oil cylinder: Wuxi Zhengfeng "Greater Power, High Sealing Degree, Sanyi Manufacturer"

3. Motor: Jinzhou Li Hydraulics "Inclined-axis plunger motor, faster speed, greater power, unique in the market"

4. Operation valve: Jiangbei Yuzhou double-pump confluence valve "light feel, stable compound action performance, high sensitivity"

5. Oil pipe: Ningbo Junren hose "fast heat dissipation"

6. Reducer: Planetary reducer "Taian Zhihe"

Second, structural parts

1. Laser cutting "high precision"

2. Robot welding

3. Milling surface "ensure high stability of slewing support and long service life"

4. Shot blasting "precise grinding"

4. The topcoat is "high temperature baking paint, strong weather resistance, special for Yutong buses"

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