Dongfeng T5 6×4 flatbed transporter


Dongfeng T5 6x4 flatbed transporter

Dongfeng T5 rear eight-wheel flatbed transporter adopts new cab, Yuchai 270 horsepower euro VI engine, Shaanxi gear 10-speed gearbox with high and low gears, Dongfeng 2021 new T5 cab, two-point suspension, 10T double rear axle, wheelbase 4350 +1350mm, 11R20 steel wire tires, 280 double-layer girders, vehicle size: 10000X2550X3150, airbag seat, central control lock, electric doors and windows, remote control key, short wheelbase is suitable for mountain use!

Dongfeng T5 6×4 flatbed transporter

Dongfeng T5 6×4 flatbed transporter

Main introduction of Dongfeng T5 6x4 flatbed transporter

Dongfeng T5 rear eight-wheeled flatbed transporter is modified with 145x120mm beam, 8mm thick check plate, 8mm thick ladder, and the load can reach 30 tons!

The interior design branch is simple, with a quadruple steering wheel, on-board computer display screen, the overall layout of the buttons is biased towards the driver, and the operation of each button is simple and smooth!

The whole vehicle includes the certificate of conformity and the household invoice, the warranty manual and the directory of after-sales service stations. If you want to know more, please follow me!


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