Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform


Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform

Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform

product name: Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
Effective volume: 8 000 liters Emission Standards: euro four
Platform Height: 6-12 meters optional Related announcements: No announcement, users who are not listed can choose
Features: Sprinkling, flushing, watering, transporting water, high-altitude maintenance, high-altitude pruning Dedicated configuration: Tank, water pump, water spray device, folding lift table
Announcement parameters Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
Vehicle size: 8800X2400X3000mm Tank length: 5 meters
Rated load: 9.5 tons Lifting height: 2.5 meters
Empty net weight: 6.3 tons Vehicle height: 4 meters
Maximum speed: 90 yards Wheelbase: 4700mm
Chassis parameters Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
Chassis model: DFL1160BX Type of fuel: diesel fuel
Tire specifications: 900-20 Number of tires: 6
Cab number: 3 people Front and rear axles: Front axle 5 tons, rear axle 10 tons
other: Tianjin luxury cab, with sleeper, with air conditioning, air brake, steering assist.
Standard engine Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
model: B190 horsepower: 190
type: Kangji 190 horsepower, in-line, euro IV emission.
Fuel consumption: Full load of 31.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers Displacement: 7.146 liters
Optional Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
Sprayer:   long range sprayer High-altitude platform: 6-15 meters optional.
Other information Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
Dedicated function description:
        Special functions: self-priming depth> 7 meters, sprinkler width> 14 meters, high-altitude gun range> 28 meters, lift 90 meters, water diversion time < 5 minutes, maximum water flow rate of 90 cubic meters per hour, high-altitude work platform adopts folding type Lifting, the working height can reach 6 meters to 15 meters, optional remote control device can be installed. The optional sprayer has a horizontal range of 28-35 meters, 45-55 meters, 60-75 meters, 85-100 meters, etc., the spraying volume is 15-60L per minute, the operation efficiency is 80-350 mu per hour, and the fog spectrum range 50-150μm.


Modification configuration: front flushing or front spraying, rear spraying, side spraying and high-level shower, tail spraying system with operating platform, spraying system with small diesel engine, the spraying amount can be adjusted by remote control spraying angle and swing range , With fire joint, with self-flow valve, the whole vehicle has self-priming and self-draining function, equipped with 2 3-meter long self-priming water-added steel wire hoses, and optional 20-meter green fire-fighting reel.


Supplementary note: The tank volume is also available in 10 cubic meters. Units use personalization accessories like optional tail LED arrow lights and cab-top warning lights.

Multi-directional map:
Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform
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Dongfeng Sprinkler truck with lift platform, Dongfeng water truck with lift platform


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