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Dongfeng Special Commercial XCMG 8 Ton Truck-mounted Crane

The real shot pictures of Dongfeng special business XCMG’s 8 ton truck crane

Dongfeng Special Commercial XCMG 8 Ton Truck-mounted Crane Configuration

Chassis configuration:
Dongfeng Special Commercial T702 luxury four-point suspension cab, Yuchai 180 horsepower engine, Fast small eight-speed gearbox, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons, 300mm three-layer beam, wheelbase 5100mm, 10.00R20 steel tire , Original power take-off, with ABS, driving recorder, round hole throttle, lower protection, figure beam towing hook, 160L aluminum alloy fuel tank, airbag seat.

Crane parameters:

XCMG 8-ton four-section telescopic boom crane, model SQS200-4, single pump, full hydraulic, full rotation, high-altitude operation, the maximum lifting height of the crane is 13.5 meters, the maximum working radius is 11.5 meters, and the boom is fully extended The maximum lifting capacity is 1.1 tons in the state. Users can choose XCMG 8-ton crane with twin pumps, which can lift 14.5 meters and have a working radius of 12.5 meters for faster operation. XCMG’s 8-ton four-section straight-arm crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 4.4 tons when the boom extends 4.5 meters. The boom extends 7 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 2.5 tons. The boom extends 9 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 1.75 tons. The manufacturer reminds: During the operation of the truck mounted crane, please strictly follow the lifting nameplate to avoid safety accidents.
Vehicle parameters:

The exterior of Dongfeng Special Commercial T702 cab, color Chinese red, Yuchai 180 horsepower, three-layer beam
Yuchai 180 horsepower, YC6J180-52
EuroV emission standards
Shaanxi eight-speed gearbox
Front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons
300mm full-body three-layer beam
10.00R20 steel wire tire
XCMG 8 ton four-section telescopic boom crane, single pump, high-altitude seat (optional double pump, longer boom)
The boom extends 4.5 meters, the maximum lifting capacity is 4.4 tons, the boom extends 7 meters, and the lifting capacity is 2.5 tons, and the boom extends 9 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity is 1.75 tons.


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