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Dongfeng special chassis 10 tons sprinkler

Dongfeng special chassis 10 tons sprinkler

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng 153 new EQ1160GD5DJ types of special chassis, chassis solid and strong, strong bearing capacity.White semi row before the turn of the cab, white appearance atmosphere stable, full security.Interior space design is reasonable, well-equipped, the operation more convenient, more comfortable ride.



Dongfeng designed with the end of the bottom 10 tons sprinkler Yuchai 160 horse power euro 5 YC4EG160-50 types of engines, powerful, 4260ml emissions, the Euro V emission standards, energy saving and environmental protection.Changtai small eight-speed gearbox, shifting easily to meet the needs of the driver of different driving.Wheelbase 3950mm, strong bridge after nine tons truckrying capacity.9.00R20 tire factory nylon, truckrying capacity is strong, but not very good wear resistance needs to be checked periodically for wear nylon tire.Original abs, with the direction of power, the clutch booster, braking air brakes.



Dongfeng special configuration of the chassis 10 tons sprinkler: Wuhan tank with 4mm thick high-quality sheet, the machine platens time molding technology, advanced rotary machine, the machine tank body bag making process to ensure the accuracy and aesthetic body. Euro’s unique paint technology, anti-corrosion rust, multi-layer primer, paint spraying.With anti-tank wave partition, with anti wave of anti-swing action, the sprinkler can smooth running in different sections, stronger safety performance.



DF  sprinkler designed with dedicated sprinkler pump power, self-priming from the row, self-absorption height of 7 m, the water flow rate 90 m3 / h. Functional, irrigation, spraying, road maintenance, spraying dust, anti-aircraft artillery and other injection, the maximum width of sprinkler 14 meters, a maximum range of 28 m, a water cannon may be rotated 360 °, can be adjusted into a column, rain, rain, rain, drizzle, etc. in different states, the columnar maximum range of 28 meters, 15 meters maximum range mist.Rational design water piping, pneumatic power take off, operating ability; increase tank design, water CBM can pretend to 12, to improve the efficiency of the vehicle. sprinkler for road watering, washing, dust, watering gardens, etc., are equipped with fire interface, do the work of the emergency fire.



DF models designed bottom 10 tons sprinkler advantages: Tail working platform: working platform is complete, water spray gun is positioned above the work platform guardrail, aluminum alloy material, mist or water may be adjusted by rotating the columnar head portion of Ao, a range of up 35-45 m; on the platform is also fitted with a fire control valve for adjusting water flow diversion play, diversion points and so on underflow; sprinkle manual control valve can be efficiently performed watering operations; the Y-type Torr may be used to hold the yoke water cannon gun head, to facilitate determining the direction of a good job sprinkler , watering aid; there can body rear ladder means artificial opened top of the tank inlet, and to facilitate maintenance of the tank view.


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DongfengDongfeng bottom 10 tons sprinkler designed mainly for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler , pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truckeer.


Dongfeng sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage:Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler , 10 tons sprinkler Dongfeng, Dongfeng5 tons sprinkler , 8 tons sprinkler DF, DF 140 DF 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler , sprinkler and other Dongfeng Duolika d9.


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