Dongfeng Special Bottom Small Three-axis XCMG 10 Ton Truck-mounted Crane


Dongfeng special bottom small three-axis XCMG 10 ton truck crane real shot pictures

Dongfeng Special Bottom Small Three-axis XCMG 10 Ton Truck-mounted Crane Configuration

Chassis configuration: D913 cab exterior, color Chinese red, Yuchai 220 horsepower Euro five engine, Shaanxi Fast 8-speed gearbox, with high and low gears, front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 11.5 tons, 300mm double-layer partial three Layer reinforced beam, 10.00 steel wire tires for the whole vehicle, with original power take-off, ABS anti-lock brake system, direction assist, air brake braking system, wheelbase 2150+5150mm, XCMG 10 tons four-section straight arm crane, The truck go box is 8.5 meters, and the truck go box can be made into a manual pull-out or hydraulic pull-out type. It can be extended to 10 meters to meet the needs of transporting steel bars, electric poles and other goods.
Crane parameters:
XCMG 10-ton truck-mounted four-section boom crane, 360-degree full-swing operation, double pump operation, working radius of 12 meters, lifting height of 14 meters, extended boom working radius of 14 meters, lifting height of 16 meters, standard configuration The front hydraulic outrigger can be equipped with a fixed rear outrigger or a hydraulic rear outrigger. Since the hydraulic rear outrigger can be horizontally extended, the outrigger span should be larger. The outrigger span is 2280-5580mm, considering the lifting The tonnage is relatively large. It is recommended to install hydraulic rear outriggers for safer lifting. Equipped with high-altitude seats, you can know the surrounding environment at any time, and the lifting will be more assured.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Dongfeng Special Bottom Small Three-axis XCMG 10-Ton Truck-mounted Crane
Vehicle model: EQ5250JSQGZ5D1
Truck Size: yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 12000×2500×3800mm
Cargo box size: 8500×2300×550mm
Chassis brand: Dongfeng special bottom small three-axis chassis
Crane brand: XCMG 10-ton four-section straight-arm crane
Cargo box length: 8.5 meters
Engine: Yuchai 220 horsepower
Gearbox: Shaanxi Gear 8-speed gearbox
Emission standard: EuroV
Wheelbase: 2150+5150mm
Optional configuration: optional dual-cavity hydraulic rear outrigger, thickened truck go box
Total mass: 25000kg
Curb weight: 14800kg
Upper tonnage: 10070(Kg)
Model advantage: Dongfeng special bottom small three-axle, 10-ton truck-mounted crane is the first choice for chassis
The truck-mounted crane manufacturers strictly follow the requirements of the announcement, do not exceed the size, have fuel announcements, environmental protection announcements, and Euro five emission standards. They can be listed normally across the Euro (except Beijing), please rest assured to buy.

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