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Dongfeng Special Bottom Hongchang Tianma 8-Ton Truck-mounted Crane

Dongfeng special bottom Hongchang Tianma 8 ton truck crane real shot pictures

Dongfeng Special Bottom Hongchang Tianma 8-Ton Truck-mounted Crane Configuration

Chassis configuration:
D913 appearance cab, Yuchai YC6J180-50 engine, 180 horsepower Euro five emission, Shaanxi tooth small eight-speed 8JS85E gearbox, with power take-off, 5.5 tons Dana front axle, 11.5 tons Dana rear axle, 300mm double-layer girder Super-long partial three-layer, wheelbase 5150mm, 10.00R20 steel wire tires, drive rotation, exhaust brake, air cut brake, with ABS and lower protection. Electric doors and windows, hydraulic flip. Cargo compartment size: 5600×2300×550mm

Crane parameters:
The truck is equipped with a custom-made Hongchang Tianma 8 ton four-section straight arm crane. The crane can be 360-degree full hydraulic full rotation, with high-altitude seat operation, the boom is an octagonal U-shaped arm, and the two actions of the plunger pump can be operated at the same time , The working radius is: 13.5m, the lifting height is: 15.5m, single-chamber hydraulic rear outrigger (span of 3.3 meters) or dual-chamber hydraulic rear outrigger (span of 4.2 meters) can be installed. The larger the outrigger span, the higher the safety performance of the vehicle.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Dongfeng Special Bottom Hongchang Tianma 8-Ton Truck-mounted Crane
Vehicle model: EQ5160JSQGZ5D
Chassis model: EQ1168GLJ4
Card type: yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 9000×2500×3850mm
Cargo box size: 5600×2300×550mm
Chassis brand: Dongfeng special bottom single-axle chassis
Crane brand: Hongchang Tianma 8-ton four-section straight-arm crane
Cargo box length: 5.6 meters
Engine: Yuchai 180 horsepower
Transmission: Fast 8-speed
Emission standard: EuroV emission, environmental protection, complete fuel
Wheelbase: 5150mm
Optional configuration: optional thickening of the box plate, optional XCMG, Sany, Furukawa cranes
Total weight: 15800kg
Curb weight: 11500kg
Registered tonnage: 4170kg
Model advantage: Hongchang Tianma crane, military quality
The truck-mounted crane manufacturer makes the whole vehicle strictly in accordance with the requirements of the announcement, does not exceed the size, has a fuel announcement, an environmental protection announcement, and the EuroV emission standard, and is listed on a Euro scale. At the same time, our company can also arrange professionals to assist users in listing, please rest assured to buy.
Truck Mounted Crane

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