Dongfeng special 6X4 XCMG 12-ton truck-mounted crane


Real shot pictures of the 6X4 XCMG 12-ton truck crane

Dongfeng special 6X4 XCMG 12-ton truck mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
Adopting Dongfeng special 6X4 chassis, D913 row semi-cab, Chinese red color, Yuchai YC6A240-50 engine, EuroV emission, Shaanxi Gear 8JS118 transmission with power take-off, 5.5T Dana front axle, 11.5 T Dana double rear axle, 300mm double-layer through-beam super-long partial three-layer. Wheelbase 5900+1350mm, 11.00R20 steel tire. Drive rotation, exhaust brake, air cut brake, with ABS and lower protection. Electric doors and windows, hydraulic flip. The XCMG 12-ton four-section straight-arm crane is installed with a truck go box length of 8.5 meters.

Vehicle configuration parameter table
Vehicle name Dongfeng special 6X4 XCMG 12-ton truck-mounted crane
Announcement model EQ5250JSQGZ5D
proposed price ¥383,000~¥397,000
Vehicle size 11950×2500×3850mm
Cargo box size 8500×2290×550mm
Chassis brand Dongfeng special chassis rear eight wheels (6×4)
engine model Yuchai 240 horsepower
Emission Standards EuroV emission standards
Gearbox Fast 8th gear
Front and rear bridge 5.5 tons front axle, 11.5 tons double rear axle
Girder specifications 300mm double-layer local three-layer beam
Tires 11.00R20 steel wire tire
Wheelbase 5900+1300mm
Other configuration Electric doors and windows, power take-off, with power steering, exhaust brake, air brake, Tianlong instrument panel, with ABS, under protection
Crane brand XCMG 12 tons four-section straight arm crane (single pump)
Crane parameters The maximum lifting height is 14.5 meters, the maximum working radius is 12.5 meters, high-altitude seat operation, the crane can rotate 360 degrees
Lifting capacity The boom extends 7 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 3.5 tons. The boom extends 9 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 2.7 tons. The boom extends 12.5 meters and the maximum lifting capacity is 1.8 tons
Optional configuration The engine can be optional with 270 horsepower and Fast 9-gear box. XCMG 12-ton crane can be equipped with neutral operation and double pump technology as an option
Total mass 25000kg
Curb quality 16000kg
Tonnage 8850kg
Model advantage Affordable price, high cost performance, best match
Listing information (Except Beijing and Shenzhen) can be listed normally nationwide

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