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Dongfeng Single bridge 55 meters spraying vehicles

Single bridge 55 meters spraying vehicles, test machine on-site, filled with water 13 tons, 55 meters sprayer field measurement.Reach 55 m Double Indemnity!Quality, after-sale protection!

Single-axle vehicles can be fitted 50-60 meters sprayer models, debut.

Vehicle type: DLQ5180GSSL5, chassis models EQ5180GLVJ, Dongfeng new T5 cab, 4500MM wheelbase, the Euro five Cummins 190 horsepower, Shaanxi teeth small eight-speed gearbox, ABS with original.Pediment sprinkling, after work platform with a gun, shower right position, cbm spray.5 tons front axle, rear axle 10 t, 10.00 steel tire.After installation of the platform Fog 50-60 meters, horizontal range 50–55 meters, generators 30KW, 11KW fan motor, pump motor 3KW.

Note: Kam days, specifically the bottom of the chassis can be done, the company also has the following models can be installed 60-70 meters:

1, DLQ5161GSSL5 type (12 cbm designed bottom, 3950 wheelbase, cheap)

2, DLQ5181GSSL5,

3, DLQ5185GPSLV5,

4, DLQ5184GPSLV5,

5, DLQ5183GPSLV5.

Special Note: 2 meters length of the platform, a wide.8 meters, large platform for you to install arbitrary sprayer.

Genius, worry-free around on the truckd!

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