Dongfeng Shuangqiao Water Tank Foam Fire Truck (12-15T)

The Dongfeng Shuangqiao firetruck is mainly used for firefighting by professional fire brigades in large and medium-sized cities, and is also suitable for high-altitude water supply, climbing operations, emergency rescue, smoke exhaust and lighting. Due to the different use of Dongfeng Shuangqiao firetruck parts, the price of Dongfeng Shuangqiao firetruck fluctuates; if you need more product information, please call the sales hotline: 13581401500, we will provide you with detailed pictures and information of Dongfeng firetruck

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng Shuangqiao water tank foam fire truck (12-15T)

Dongfeng Shuangqiao Water Tank Foam Fire Truck (12-15T)


product name Dongfeng Shuangqiao 1208 water tank fire truck (12-15T)
Chassis model Dongfeng EQ1208GJ5
Volume (T) 12-15
Vehicle parameters Vehicle size (length, width and height mm) 9500×2500×3400
Total mass (kg) 21700
Rated load (kg) 9600
Curb weight (kg) 11650
Approach angle/departure angle (mm) 27/12
Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1245/2565
Fuel type Diesel oil
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers (L) 25
Maximum speed 90
Engine parameters model EQB210-20 Cummins environmentally friendly supercharged six-cylinder intercooled diesel engine
Displacement/power (kw) 8300/155 (210 horsepower)
Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
Type Four-stroke in-line six-cylinder turbocharged and inter-cooled diesel engine
Chassis description Drive type 6×4
Wheelbase (mm) 4500+1300
Wheel base (front/rear) 1940/1860
Front axle description 5 tons front axle
Rear axle description Double 10-ton rear axle, through-type middle and rear axle double axle drive, stamping and welding axle housing, full floating half axle.
Steering gear description Double spoke steering wheel, power steering
Transmission description Six forward gears, one reverse gear, mechanical overall six-speed transmission
Clutch description Diaphragm spring clutch, hydraulic remote operation, with pneumatic servo booster.
Braking system description Dual pipeline air brake system with parking brake and exhaust brake vv
Cab Flat head one row and a half cab, all metal enclosed, reversible
Number of leaf springs (front/rear) 8/13
Tire specifications 11.00-20 16PR
air conditioning Optional
Dedicated performance parameters Fire monitor range 50-55m
pressure 1.0-2.0MPa
Water diversion time 25S
Water absorption depth 7m
Rotating speed 3200r/min
flow 15-60L/S
Fire Pump
Medium and low pressure pump Model: CB20.10/15.30 fire pump, low pressure flow: 30L/s/1.0MPa, medium pressure flow: 15L/S/2.0MPa
Medium and low pressure pump Model: CB20.10/20.40 fire pump, low pressure flow: 40L/s/1.0MPa, medium pressure flow: 20L/S/2.0MPa

Model: CB20.10/30.60 fire pump, low pressure flow: 60L/s/1.0MPa, medium pressure flow: 30L/S/2.0MPa

Fire monitor
Foam fire monitor Model: PP24 dual-purpose fire monitor Flow rate: 48L/s/1.0MPa Water range ≥50 meters Foam range ≥45 meters
Jug fire monitor Model: SP30, water range ≥55 meters

Dongfeng Hou Shuangqiao Water Tank- Foam Fire Truck : Adopting Dongfeng EQ1208GJ5 chassis, the vehicle weighs 8-10 tons, and can hold 8-10 tons of water and foam. It is widely used in urban public security fire brigades, petrochemicals, factories and mines, forests, ports, docks and other departments. It can quickly approach the fire site to start fire fighting and put out various fires.

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