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Dongfeng Ruiling (Xiaodolika, Jinka) road sweeper

Dongfeng Ruiling (Xiaodolika, Jinka) road sweeper parameter configuration table and picture display

Dongfeng street road sweeper vehicleDongfeng street road sweeper

Dongfeng Ruiling small road sweeper is a new type of high-efficiency sweeping equipment integrating road sweeping, garbage recycling and transportation. It can be widely used for road cleaning of arterial highways, municipal and airport roads, urban residential areas, parks and other roads.

Dongfeng Ruiling road sweeper has four brushes and a rear suction cup. When working, the brush sweeps the garbage to the bottom of the vehicle (with spray pressure), and then the suction cup after the vehicle runs can suck in the garbage bin after passing the garbage. The tank and water tank are made of stainless steel, with longer life span, with auxiliary engine (Jiangxi Isuzu 57kw77 horsepower), maintenance-free fan, Hypress solenoid valve, etc.
Dongfeng Ruiling Road Sweeper is equipped with 1.5 cubic meters of water tank volume and 4 cubic meters of garbage bin volume. The front sweeping belt has automatic avoidance function, the maximum sweeping width is 3.2 meters, and the maximum absorbing particle diameter is 100mm.

Dongfeng road sweeper truck
Chassis model: DFA1070SJ35D6 ,102 horsepower EFI. Euro Fourth Dongfeng light engine D28D10-4DA , three-way catalysis, exhaust gas purification. Dongfeng B07 1730 single-row cab, sheep fat white, 5-speed gearbox, front axle 2T rear axle 3.5T, 12 volt circuit, oil brake, 7.0R16 steel wire tire, 188 riveting variant frame, direction assist, leaf spring 8/ 9+5. Dimensions: 5990*1995*2380, wheelbase 3300mm.

Parameter characteristics of Dongfeng Ruiling (Xiaodolika, Jinka) road sweeper

1. Parameter configuration
Vehicle model CLW5071TSL4 road sweeper Remarks
Second-class chassis model DFA1070SJ35D6
Wheelbase 3300mm
Front/rear suspension 1032/1618 mm
engine model Chassis engine SD4BW754U; CY4102-CE4F; D28D10-4DA; 4F20ATCI; 4DW93-84E4
Auxiliary engine JX493-G3
Engine rated power Chassis engine 75; 73; 75; 60; 64kW
Auxiliary engine 57 kW
Maximum climbing angle 30%
emission GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro IV
Noise outside accelerating vehicle ≤84dB (A), meeting the requirements of the second stage of noise
Maximum speed 95 km/h
Approach angle 19°
Departure angle 12°
Quality parameter Curb quality 4800 kg
Maximum total mass 7300kg
Size parameters Dimensions (length × width × height) 5950×1995×2380mm
Minimum ground clearance 240mm
Suction sweeping operation Cleaning efficiency ≥95%
Maximum suction particle size 120mm
Suction sweep width 2.8-3.0 m
Maximum cleaning capacity 60000 m2/h
Extending size of disc brush ≥400 mm
Suction sweep travel speed 3-20km/h
Tank Rated capacity of water tank 1.0-1.5m³
Trash can Rated capacity of trash bin 3.5-4.0m³
Opening angle of discharge door ≥45°
Hydraulic system Type Open type, electrical control
Main components Gear pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, solenoid valves
System pressure 16MPa
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 60L
Oil temperature 60 ˚C
Electrical System Type DC24V
Voltage 24V
Battery 24V (2 pcs of 12V in series)
Sprinkler system The main components Electric diaphragm pumps, water filters, nozzles, etc.
Scanning device Type There are four sweep discs in the middle, driven by a hydraulic motor, and the front right can be independently controlled, with the function of avoiding and returning.
Sweep disc diameter 850mm
Sweep angle Forward tilt: 4-6 degrees, outer tilt: 4-7 degrees
Sucker Type Single suction port, hydraulic control, spring suspension.
Suction mouth diameter 200mm

2. On-board tools

Serial number name Quantity Remarks
1 Fire Hose 1 For adding water
2 Fire Wrench 1 piece Used to disassemble fire hydrant
3 Manual hydraulic pump rocker (included with pump) 1 Used to start the manual hydraulic pump
4 Spare tire (included with truck ) 1 piece

3. On-board spare parts

Serial number name Quantity
1 Bristles 80 pcs
2 Fan sealing strip 1
3 Rear door seal 1

4. Import configuration

Serial number name Model specification Manufacturer name
1 Hydraulic motor BMR125 Italy
2 Hydraulic valve SWH-G02-C4-D2H Taiwan

Dongfeng street road sweeper Dongfeng street road sweeper truck
Product features of Dongfeng Ruiling (Xiaodolika, Jinka) road sweeper:
1. Adopt the combination of suction and sweep to collect garbage, wet dust removal, electro-hydraulic control, and hydraulic tipping and unloading operations to clean the road surface.
2. The auxiliary engine is used to specifically drive the fan and hydraulic system to ensure that it can continue to work during driving and ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.
3. The structure arrangement of “four-plate brush + rear suction nozzle” is adopted, which is convenient for the adjustment and maintenance of the cleaning device and suction nozzle, and the whole vehicle can pass through when changing.
4. The transmission setting between the auxiliary engine and the fan is equipped with an automatic clutch, which can ensure the automatic separation of the auxiliary engine from the fan when starting and stopping under no load, reducing the impact on the auxiliary engine and improving the working reliability and service life of the auxiliary engine . 5. The scanner has obstacle avoidance protection and reset functions. It retracts after encountering obstacles and resets after crossing obstacles.
6. The rotating speed of the sweeping disc can be adjusted according to various cleaning conditions to ensure a good cleaning effect under various pollution conditions.
7. It adopts a full-floating suction nozzle that can be leveled automatically with the road surface, with good cleaning effect and long service life. 8. The outturned suction tube made of imported raw materials can effectively prevent the suction tube from being scratched and frozen, and increase the service life.
9. Precise seamless cold-formed tubing, with no oxidizing impurities on the inner wall, to ensure clean hydraulic oil and no valve blockage.
10. Color TV monitoring system, auxiliary straw device, guardrail cleaning device, snow shovel, snow roller, etc. can be installed.

Dongfeng Ruiling street road sweeper Dongfeng Ruiling street road sweeper

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