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Dongfeng Ruiling refrigerated truck parameter configuration table and picture display


product name Dongfeng Ruiling refrigerated truck (Euro V) Vehicle price Call +86 18872992009(Wechat&Whatsapp)
Vehicle model CLW5040XLC5 Pick up date Cars are sufficient
Chassis model EQ1041SJ3BDF Emission Standards Euro five
Vehicle size 5995×2090×2950 Fuel type Diesel oil
Body size 4000×1880×1850 engine model CY4BK551 Dongfeng Chaochai
Body volume 13 cubic meters Power horsepower 75KW / 102 horsepower
Total mass 4495 Wheelbase 3308
Rated contained mass 1215KG Number of passengers 2 people
Curb quality 3150 Tires 7.00R16 steel wire tire
Types of truck ds small truck d (C permit to drive) Fuel bulletin Have
Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Ruiling refrigerated truck adopts Dongfeng Ruiling series chassis of Dongfeng Second Automobile Euro V emission standard. It is an upgraded model of Dongfeng Xiaobawang Euro V. It has a small and a fuel announcement. Equipped with a 102-horsepower Dongfeng Chaochai engine, it has the characteristics of high horsepower, low fuel consumption and low noise. The original factory has steering assistance and optional cab air conditioning. It is one of the most cost-effective models among the small refrigerated trucks.
Car body configuration: The truck body is made of polyurethane vacuum negative pressure between the inner and outer glass fiber reinforced plastics. The polyurethane has high density and good thermal insulation effect. The thickness is 8 cm. The body is covered by aluminum alloy profiles. After the standard is equipped with double doors, door openings and door locks The tie rods are all stainless steel, beautiful, strong and durable, the bottom plate thickness is 10CM, the bottom plate surface is non-slip patterned aluminum plate, and the 0 to -5 degree refrigeration unit is installed.
Optional configuration: This truck is equipped with a -5 degree refrigerating unit as standard, and a -15 degree refrigerating unit can also be installed when transporting ice cream and other goods with lower temperature requirements; the material of the truck body can be selected: FRP, color steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel. The meat hook truck can be equipped with body reinforcement, guide rail slides, stainless steel double-sided meat hooks, etc.; optional ventilation slots on the bottom of the truck , which facilitate the flow of cold air through the truck and maintain a balanced temperature in the truck ; optional convex grooves around the truck body Ventilation partition. The compartment can be configured at will: such as truck go fixing device, truck go suspension device, shelf in the compartment, heat preservation door curtain, etc.
Other remarks: The truck body and metal accessories are sprayed with anticorrosive primer and topcoat, with strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform paint film, bright and long-lasting color, improve aesthetics, and can withstand humidity, dust, salt spray, etc. Environment, long-term use will not cause cracking, peeling, fading and other problems. The vehicle has beautiful appearance, excellent functions, stable performance, and conforms to inter Euro environmental protection standards. The vehicle is suitable for the transportation of various medical transportation, GPS certification, food and other kinds of requirements for fresh-keeping and refrigerated goods.

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