Dongfeng 6×4 foam fire truck

Dongfeng rear double bridge water tank/ foam fire truck , our factory adopts the original Dongfeng chassis, the whole vehicle has a novel and atmospheric design, luxurious interior design, complete power levels, large tank volume and water diversion device controlled by electromagnetic relay, simple, convenient and reliable operation . The vehicle is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, good in power performance, fast in speed, and stable in performance. It can be used to fight oil fires and general material fires. The additional type A foam is more than 7 times the fire extinguishing effect of ordinary foam.

Parameter configuration table and picture display of Dongfeng 6x4 foam fire truck

Dongfeng  6×4  foam fire truck


Main technical parameters of Dongfeng double bridge foam fire truck products
product name: Dongfeng double bridge foam fire truck Dimensions: 9550×2500×3400(mm)
Chassis model: eq1208gj5 Cargo compartment size: ××(mm)
Total mass: 21700(kg) Approach/departure angle: 27/12(°)
Rated quality: 9600(kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1245/2565(mm)
Quality of preparation: 11650(kg) Maximum speed: 90(km/h)
Emission Standards: gb17691-2001 second stage, gb3847-1999


Chassis parameters
Chassis model: eq1208gj5 Cargo compartment size: ××(mm)
Fuel type: Approach/departure angle: 27/12(°)
Number of axes: 3 Front track: /(mm)
Wheelbase: 4350+1300 Rear track: (mm)
Number of passengers in the cab: Number of springs: 8/13
Number of tires: 10 Axle load:
Tire specifications: 10.00r20,10.00-20,11.00-20,11.00r20
Vehicle remarks: Tank volume: 9.370 cubic meters meters


Engine parameters
engine: Engine manufacturer: Displacement (ml): Power (kw):
eqb210-20 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 5880 155


Other information
Dedicated function description:

Frame description: stamping riveting structure, frame assembly outer width 861mm. The maximum cross section of the frame is 280×80×(7+5) mm

Cab: Flat-head all-metal enclosed, torsion bar type turning mechanism, three-seater with sleeper, adjustable driver's seat

Water tank capacity 10000l, of which water tank capacity is 8000l, foam tank capacity is 2000l

Fire monitor model: pl24 Water flow: 24l/s Foam flow: 24l/s

Water range: ≥50m/1.0mpa Foam range: ≥45m/1.0mpa

Medium pressure fire pump model: cb18/15-tb Medium pressure flow: 15l/s/1.8mpa Low pressure flow: 30l/s/1.0mpa

Medium and low pressure fire pump model: cb20.10/20.40-tb Medium pressure flow: 20l/s/2.0mpa Low pressure flow: 40l/s/1.0mpa

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