Dongfeng one tow three wrecker


Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker



work pictures

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Dongfeng one tow three trailer flatbed wrecker pictures

detailed parameters

Vehicle Specifications

product name

Dongfeng wrecker tow three



The total mass


Curb weight


Tablet sizes


Tablet thickness

4A thick

Hoist Specifications




Chassis Specifications

Chassis Name


Chassis Type


Number of axes


Number of tires

7(Including the spare tire)



Tire specifications

9.00Steel tire



Rear axle


Fuel type

Diesel fuel


Breathe brake

Emissions standards

GB17691-2005Euro Ⅴ, GB3847-2005

engine model

Engine Manufacturer




Guangxi Yuchai



Tops Basic Configuration

The standard configuration

5Tons of tops, with the winch5Ton,25M rope, auxiliary wheel truck pair7Word fork pair cbm socket pair of straps8Sets, chain hook, two work lights, yellow lights electronic engineering, vehicle tools set.

Optional equipment

Can be equipped with imported parts, drag forks, drag forks seat, Wash me,ledLong EOD flash lights, the whole floor plate.

Chassis Configuration:

The use of Dongfeng series chassis, semi-flat top row cab before the turn, Cummins180Horsepower engine,6Speed gearbox, the wheelbase4700mm / 5000mm,9Tonnes rear axle,250mmDouble (7 + 4) Beam,9.00R20Steel tire factory, bilateral linkage operation with the direction of power, the originalABS, Breathe brake, factory air conditioning.

Tops configuration:

Dongfeng wrecker dragged three truck lengths down flat7.3M, the size of the plate4.6M, a tablet can be4A thick diamond plate.5Tons of tops, with5Ton hydraulic winch,25M rope, bilateral linkage operation, the auxiliary wheel trolley with a pair of7Word fork pair lorry set of tools, straps4Sets, two work lights, with yellowledLong rows of electronic lights.I wrecker adoption of advanced foreign skilled technology products, production processes, all imports of seal hydraulic parts, new skid plates, reinforced beams fixed to enhance the truckrying capacity, and the load platform surface using die stamping, stamina and strong deformation, the Euro with after-sales site, and to ensure that the Euro can on the truckd.
Vehicle issue:

Chassis certification, vehicle certification, unified Euro invoices motor vehicle, vehicle tools, vehicle warranty manuals, service stations nationwide directory.
Buyers must see:

Our basic model has been declared by the Euro environmental standards announcement, the families can rest assured, because part of special vehicles, different engine types, so there will be differences in vehicle prices.Please contact us before purchase, we will recommend the most appropriate vehicle configuration and the best price for you according to your needs.

vehicle Reviews

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Speaking of Dongfeng in the truckds, I believe we are not unfamiliar, listed so far are a popular choice for courier, express and a variety of private truck users, called" the truckd benchmarking "also did not an exaggeration, but the price is very stable, substantial concessions are rare.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

appearance, and cash Kingrun KingrunKRThe design difference is very obvious, who better to see why many truckdholders in dispute, I personally think that cash Kingrun design would be more moderate, restrained, and the days KamKR"Shark" face former style is more aggressive, avant-garde.Older users may feel that the current model pleasing to the eye, days KamKRIt will be more pleasing aesthetic of young users.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Cab designed to be practical, not particularly prominent bright spots, but there is no obvious shortcomings.Cab good vision, blind spot is relatively small; comfort equipped with air conditioning, central locking, radio,24VPower supply; seat airbag cushioning employed, can satisfy the needs of most users.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

matting lying two-stage design, easy access to the bottom of the article storage compartment.Sleeper design is relatively structured, high space utilization.The width dimension is relatively moderate, and the majority of the truckd is not the same level differences.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

As one of the market's most popular models in the truckds at present, Kam days often become the object of imitation.But most of them have been on the missing details to the cab, for example, days Kam whole system comes standard curtains, can cover the entire cab, the driver more comfortable environment to rest, also played a role in protecting privacy.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Second, in addition to conventional lighting, days Kam roof is also equipped with a white lamp light, at night looking for something, you do not need to take the phone to play flash, and convenience in place, and this is many of the truckds do not have the advantage.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

In power, the truck uses wind Aeolus SignEQH160-52engine,4.752LDisplacement, maximum power160Hp and peak torque600Nm after treatment usingSCRProcessing route reached 5 emitters.Pax is matched with the engineDC7J80TAGearbox, head gear ratios7.841The most high-end overdrive.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Sign truck uses3.6Ton front axle,8Ton rear axle(Dongfeng385Axle),Main reduction ratio4.875.Multi-leaf spring design, the number of plate springs11/11 + 10.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Dongfeng been able to be recognized by most people, relatively high product durability is an indispensable factor.In addition to reliable Big Three, see chassis layout line is relatively stress, anti-friction and reasonable line indicia, to improve durability and after a certain speed has helped.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

Sign truck uses200LSteel fuel tank, and the same level opponents is not very different, and can basically meet the intercity transport use.KingrunKRThe volume of new trucks has improved significantly, the volume of400LAnd aluminum alloy material.

Dongfeng one tow three wrecker

all-steel radial tires from" sunrise Long March ", specifications for9.00R20 16PR

phased program

Dongfeng one tow three flatbed wrecker (to249000For example)

Down payment:



Down payment



loan amount

174 300





Guarantee fee

5twenty two9




Investigation costs


Security deposit (refundable)



First to mention the cost of truck


145 440

24Monthly pay



Borrowing costs



Staging the required materials:

ID truckd, household, marriage certificate, proof of property (real estate proof), bank water, proof of income;

Car buyers Age:22-55Full year.



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