Dongfeng Huashen garbage truck


Dongfeng Huashen garbage truck

Here are some similar names for rear loader garbage trucks for reference, all are related below:

  1. Trash truck
  2. Refuse truck
  3. Waste management truck
  4. Sanitation truck
  5. Rubbish truck
  6. Garbage collection truck
  7. Recycling truck
  8. Compactor truck
  9. Rear loader truck
  10. Front loader truck

Currently, compressed garbage trucks play an important role in the market by providing an efficient solution for the collection and transportation of household and commercial waste. These trucks are designed to compress and store a large amount of garbage in a sealed container, thereby reducing the frequency of collection and saving time and resources.

Compressed garbage trucks are widely used in municipal sanitation, industrial parks, construction sites, and residential areas, as they offer a practical and cost-effective method for waste management. The market demand for these trucks is expected to grow in the coming years, driven by increasing urbanization, industrialization, and environmental concerns.

In addition, advancements in technology, such as the use of hydraulic and electric components, have enabled the development of more efficient and eco-friendly compressed garbage trucks, further expanding their market potential. Overall, compressed garbage trucks are an essential tool for modern waste management, and their market role is likely to continue to expand as society becomes more focused on sustainability and efficient resource use.

Dongfeng Huashen garbage truck

This compressed garbage truck is a new generation sanitation equipment independently designed and developed by our company after digesting and absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad, using domestic hydraulic and electrical components, and achieving first-class performance in China.

Dongfeng Huashen garbage truck

This compressed garbage truck has a simple and elegant appearance, excellent performance, and advanced control, making it the most practical garbage compression and transfer product on the market. The upper part is composed of a sealed compression box, a loading device, a scraper, a hydraulic transmission system, and an electrical control system. It adopts proven hydraulic transmission, electrical control, and two-way compression technologies. With an automated control system, it achieves garbage dumping, strong compression, and two-way pressure filling. It has the advantages of high pressure, good sealing, easy operation, and safety, and is mainly suitable for collecting and transporting household garbage in municipal sanitation, enterprises, factories, construction sites, residential areas, and government institutions. The product features and characteristics are as follows:

(1) The appearance of the box is a curved streamline shape, and the bottom plate is an overall folded edge without welding, eliminating the risk of leakage. It has a simple and elegant appearance, strong deformation resistance, good structural reliability, and effectively increases the actual loading volume, exceeding similar products. The material uses high-strength manganese steel plate, which is not easily deformed, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.

(2) The power take-off uses a domestic brand, JiaShan power take-off, and the vehicle is equipped with an electrical system that can achieve full-automatic control of the engine output. It ensures that the vehicle can automatically select the acceleration or idle state under working or other operating conditions, reduces power loss and failure rate, reduces fuel consumption, and is more stable and energy-efficient.

(3) The oil pump uses a domestic brand, Anhui Wanli hydraulic oil pump, with an added compacting valve, increasing compression density and loading capacity. The loading capacity is equivalent to two and a half times that of non-compressed garbage of the same tonnage. The Weisenboer multi-way valve, Xuzhou Global Hydraulic Oil Steel Pipe, and neat and beautiful hard linkage at the multi-way valve have fast heat dissipation, high working efficiency, and use an external oil cylinder structure and two-way compression technology. By using top-quality accessories from both domestic and foreign brands, it achieves a compression ratio of more than 1:2.5, with a single cycle of ≤20 seconds, doubling the efficiency of garbage collection.

(4) The fuel tank is enlarged, and the volume is increased to prevent high-temperature hydraulic oil. All hydraulic oil must be added to the fuel tank through a hydraulic oil filter. The high-pressure pipeline filter can be installed on pressure pipelines of different pressure levels to further remove or block impurities caused by wear or chemical reactions inside the components, effectively reducing the failure rate and preventing component damage.

Dongfeng Huashen garbage truck Dongfeng Huashen garbage truck

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