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Dongfeng Furui Ka 8 t sprinkler

Dongfeng Furui Ka 8 t sprinkler

Chassis configuration: Dongfeng EQ1110SJ8BDC types of truck chassis, the new Dongfeng single row of white flip cab, reasonable design space, well-equipped to take the feelings of those who ride the main ride more comfortable using Xichai 4DX23-140E5 Model 130 horsepower engine, 3857ml displacement, the Euro V emission standards, energy saving, powerful.Dongfeng 6-speed gearbox, 3800mm wheelbase, 8.25R20-16 tire, wear resistance is poor, so to check the tires on a regular basis to ensure the safety of vehicles traveling.Power steering, 24-volt batteries, air brakes, ABS, etc., equipment, operation more convenient, secure better performance.



Furui Ka 8 tons sprinkler Dongfeng upload configuration:

8 cubic volume of the tank, the tank is a 4mm thick sheet steel, the use of advanced technology and rolled made of welding techniques, work fine, appearance.With dedicated sprinkler pump power, standard sprinkler pediment, sprinkle, side spray, with fire interface 65, after the platform with doors with no bubbles, the front seal headband level gauge, with the main line 1 inch internet interfaces Watering after ladder.Rear platform with a small truck d security told: “stop at any time, pay attention to safety”, with two water pipes and end yin and yang.Tank Color: white on small Dongfeng, spray tank both “green spray vehicles”, reflective stickers Flag.



Furui Ka 8 tons sprinkler Dongfeng scope of work: Truck equipped with dedicated sprinkler pump power, having a sprinkler pediment, sprinkle, spray side (rear side of the shower becomes to replace the nozzle), the rear work platform (tread band, surrounded by a safety fence), is provided on the platform a water cannon (360 ° rotation, into a column adjustable maximum range of 28 meters, and an adjustable maximum range of 14 m into a fog, adjustable to: straight-shaped, heavy rain, rain, rain, drizzle), is greater than the width of sprinkler 14 meters.



Furui Ka 8 tons sprinkler DongfengEquipped with a high-power dedicated sprinkler pump, power take off, the debris filter, 65 GB Universal Interface type fire (fire hydrant can be added by water), a set of gravity ball system (self priming from the row, the maximum suction 6 meters), two diversion wire hose (with male and female quick connectors), with a lock, the water level gauge, operating tweeter.Enhanced bumper and rear sides, slip ladder, hose storage cylinder.



Furui Ka 8 tons sprinkler DongfengTank volume of 8.5 cubic sprinkler, Q235 steel tank is 4mm plate material, a separator tank having an anti-wave in order to reduce the impact when the liquid tank truck s, tank and vehicle dimensions according announcement.With dedicated sprinkler pump power, the pump self-priming from the row, the vehicle pediment, sprinkle, side spray, with fire interface 65, after the platform with green water spray gun, the gun may be fully rotating sprinkler, straight into a continuous tone shaped, heavy rain, light rain, drizzle; headband water level before the closure, after the main line with a 1-inch platform interface to water the flowers, the ladder.Rear platform with a small truck d security told: “stop at any time, pay attention to safety”, with two water pipes and end yin and yang.Tank Color: White upper / lower small , silver / silver small , spray tank both “sprinkler, green spray vehicles” words, reflective tape or label.After the installation of the sprinkler can sprinkle pediment pneumatic valve control cab, the installation of the mist generator units gun spraying device, can be installed push snow snow front shovel, snow roller means streets, roads snow removal, etc..



8 can be installed sprinkler spraying of side plate, drug pumps, tank corrosion preventive, multi-position out of the water connector, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves and other advanced facilities to meet different customer needs.Using high-power dedicated sprinkler pump, design advanced and reasonable, easy to use and fast, Suction far, long life, easily overcome other debris entangled sprinkler pump, pressure is small, absorbent slow shortcomings, leading domestic and sprinkler pump industry standards.


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Dongfeng 12 tons sprinkler mainly suitable for a variety of road washing, trees, green belts, green lawns, roads, factories, mines and construction companies building high-altitude construction rinse.With a sprinkler, pressure dust, high and low spray, pesticide spraying, fence washing and other functions, now widely used in urban, rural sanitation sprinkler truck eer.


Dongfeng sanitation sprinkler sprinkler can be converted into different tonnage to meet the needs of customers, divided by tonnage:Dongfeng 5 tons sprinkler, 10 tons sprinkler Dongfeng, Dongfeng5 tons sprinkler, 8 tons sprinkler DF, DF 140 DF 15 tons sprinkler sprinkler, sprinkler and other Dongfeng Duolika d9.


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