Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck

Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck is modified by our factory on the basis of Dongfeng original EQ1070SJ3BDF chassis. The whole vehicle has beautiful appearance and powerful functions. It is an ideal vehicle for watering operations such as sanitation, gardens, highways, municipal, greening, property management, etc.

Dongfeng Furika sprinkler parameter configuration table and picture display

Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck
Produced by the companyDongfeng Furika sprinkler truckseries of products. With strong sprinkler, greening and dust suppression functions, the vehicle has a classic appearance and strong power. It is an ideal mobile sprinkler equipment for municipal sanitation, industrial and mining enterprises, engineering projects, etc. It is a vehicle specially used for cleaning, greening or other emergency fire-fighting purposes.
Chassis configuration: Dongfeng Furika Sprinkler adopts the original chassis of Dongfeng Group, flat-top single-row cab, stylish interior, manual mechanical flip, equipped with Chaochai Guowu economical engine, engine model: YN33CRE1 (115 horsepower in Yunnei) /4DW94-95E5 (Xichai 98 horsepower), Dongfeng 5-speed manual transmission, 7.00R16 steel wire tires, the whole vehicle is equipped with clutch assist and air brake.
Dedicated function configuration The actual volume of the Dongfeng Furika sprinkler tank is 5 cubic meters, and it is formed by one-time rolling of 4mm high-quality carbon steel plate of WISCO, which is completely seamless. Equipped with special sprinkler pump, front flushing and rear spraying, side spraying, rear working platform and sprinkler high pressure gun. The self-priming height of the sprinkler pump is 6 meters, the water output is 45 cubic meters per hour, the sprinkler width of the whole vehicle is more than 14 meters, and the direct shooting range of the water cannon on the rear working platform is about 28 meters (adjustable: straight-through, heavy rain, moderate rain) , light rain, drizzle), the whole vehicle is equipped with fire joint, artesian valve and self-priming function. Comes with 2 water pipes of the same length as the tank, 1 ladder, both sides and rear bumper.
Vehicle Procedures Vehicle Certificate, Chassis Certificate, Vehicle License Invoice, Vehicle Tools, Vehicle Warranty Manual, euro Service Station Directory, etc.
Model overview Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck is modified by our factory on the basis of Dongfeng original EQ1070SJ3BDF chassis. The whole vehicle has beautiful appearance and powerful functions. It is an ideal vehicle for watering operations such as sanitation, gardens, highways, municipal administration, greening, and property management.
Vehicle parameters product code CLW5070GSSD5 Factory price Call 13872888627
Chassis model EQ1070SJ3BDF Water carrying volume (m³) 5 party
Total mass (kg) 7360 Dimensions (mm) 5990×2020×2390
Curb weight (kg) 3870 Tank size (mm) 3400×1600×1100
Rated loading mass (kg) 3360 Wheelbase (mm) 3308
Engine parameters model YN33CRE1 Manufacturer Dongfeng Chaoyang
horsepower/displacement 95/3856 Type Inline four-cylinder
Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers (L) 9 Emission Standards euro five
optional engine 4DW94-95E5 (Xichai 98hp, 72KW, 2720ml)
Chassis parameters drive mode 4×2 Front/rear track(mm) 1506/1466
Maximum speed (km/h) 99 Front Suspension / Rear Suspension (mm) 1040/1642
Max Climb ( . ) 30 Approach/Departure Angle ( . ) 18/13
Minimum ground clearance (m) 0.18 Axle load(kg) 2620/3875
Tire specifications 7.00-16, 7.00R16 Number of leaf springs 6/6+5
cab All metal flat head cab, sunroof, radio
steering gear steering wheel
drive shaft
front axle 1.5T boxing I-beam
rear axle 3.5T pressure welded axle housing
clutch Φ275 spring clutch
gearbox Manual mechanical, five gears
frame 188 Trapezoidal structure monolithic frame, longitudinal beam is channel section
Optional part
Dedicated configuration shaft power 9.25kW shaft speed 1450 rpm
flow 40 cubic meters per hour Sprinkler width ≤14m
Self-priming height ≤6.5m Self-priming time <4 minutes
Sprinkler Range (Column) <30 meters Sprinkler Range (Fog) <18 meters
sprinkler head <90 meters Sprinkler pump form With speed-increasing box self-priming centrifugal
Sprinkler pump brand Veyron 80QZB-60/90 Tank Material Thickness 4mm
Standard Front flushing, rear spraying, side spraying, greening gun, artesian valve, filter screen, fire joint, spraying outlet, working platform, water level sight pipe, water delivery pipe,
Optional Shower, medicine tray, lighting system, fire protection system, pneumatic control valve, etc.
Other information
Dedicated function description:
Dongfeng Furika sprinkler trucks have front flush (spray), rear sprinkler, side spray (shower), high-level shower, rear working platform, and green sprinkler artillery installed on the platform (the gun has heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle , fog adjustable), equipped with Cheng Liwei (Japanese technology) special high-power sprinkler pump, which ranks first in the national quality evaluation, with fire joint, with self-flow valve, with self-priming function, and optional 20-meter green fire reel.
Multi-directional map display:
Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck

Dongfeng Furika sprinkler truck

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Detailed configuration two:

serial number item name Models and Specifications manufacturer's name
1 chassis EQ1070SJ3BDF Dongfeng Motor
2 engine 115 hp / 98 hp Yunnei/Xichai
3 Emissions according to standards GB17691-2005 euro V, GB3847-2005
4 Power (kw) 85/72
5 gearbox

five-speed gearbox

6 brake Air brake / air brake
7 Wheelbase(mm)/Number of axles 3308/2
8 Front and rear axle T 2T/3.5T
9 Dimensions (mm) 5990×2020×2400
10 Tire size and spare tire 7.00-16, 7.00R16
11 cab Dongfeng flat head cab (with front flip)
12 water pump CLW water pump
13 PTO PTO for waterwheel
14 Front flush, rear spray, side spray φ40
15 Green sprinkler φ45
16 With working platform, vertical suction range > 7 meters, sprinkler width > 14 meters, range > 28 meters, with fire interface.
17 Tank material Q235B (Wuhan carbon steel)
18 Material thickness (mm) 4
19 Tank volume (T) 3-5
20 Total mass (kg) 73605
twenty one load mass kg) 3870
twenty two Curb weight (kg) 3360
twenty three Manufacturer's logo In line with national standards
twenty four paint Metallic paint
25 Random tools and spare parts Warranty manual, service station directory, instruction manual, on-board tools


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