Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck


The flatbed transporter that pulls 8 tons to 14 tons of excavator equipment must choose the model, the leader in the small yellow card models, small excavators, small forklifts, construction machinery and equipment can all be pulled, compliant models, there is no problem with the license on the road, no Fear of traffic police fines.

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck configure

Dongfeng Furika engineering vehicle chassis, B07 row semi-cab, FAW Xichai 140 horsepower engine, Wanliyang 5-speed with auxiliary transmission, 8.25R20 steel wire tire, with 9 tons of reinforced rear axle, 232mm double-layer girder part Three-layer, 4050mm wheelbase, with directional power clutch, power cut-off brake, exhaust brake, electric doors and windows, central control lock, remote control key, driving recorder, new ABS, cab color optional engineering yellow, blue, red.

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck

Configuration parameters Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck

Vehicle model EQ5140TPB8GDDAC, Dongfeng Furika yellow card flatbed truck
Chassis model EQ1140SJ8GDD
engine Xichai 140 hp
gearbox 5-speed with auxiliary transmission
rear axle 9 tons
frame 232 double layer
curb weight 5870kg
wheelbase 4050mm
Outside dimensions 7875x2310x2800mm board length 5.4 meters
tire 8.25R20 steel wire tire

Dongfeng Furika flatbed truck

The upper beam is made of 10*10 specification 5mm thick square steel, the cargo box plate is made of 5mm thick checkered plate, 8mm thick checkered plate can be selected, the climbing ladder adopts double spring design with rear outriggers, the length of the cargo box plate is 5.4 meters (including slope), About 5 meters without slope.

Remarks: euro V emission standards, environmental protection, fuel announcements, and operation certificates can be easily applied.

Note: Excavators below 160 can move up and down freely.

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