Dongfeng Furika 4 ton water tank fire truck


Dongfeng Furika 4-ton water tank fire truck, vehicle model: JDF5102GXFSG40 water tank fire truck, modified with Dongfeng EQ1127SJ8GDC chassis. The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman's cabin and the body. The cabin is an original double row, which can take 2+3 people. The vehicle is an inner storage tank structure. The front of the body is a water tank + equipment box, and the rear is a pump. House. The liquid carrier tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, elastically connected to the chassis, carrying 3800kg of water, equipped with CB10/30-RS fire pump produced by Shanghai Rongshen Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., with a rated flow of 30L/S, and Chengdu Weiss is installed on the roof. PS30W vehicle fire monitor produced by Te Fire Machinery Co., Ltd. The biggest feature of the car is maneuverability, good handling and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in public security fire brigade, factories and mines, communities, docks and other places to fight general material fires.

Dongfeng Furika 4 ton water tank fire truck

Vehicle  parameters Dongfeng Furika 4 ton water tank fire truck

Vehicle model

JDF5102GXFSG40 water tank fire truck


L×W×H: 7015×2185×3145(mm)

Quality parameters

Total mass: 10250kg Rated load mass: 3800kg Curb mass: 6000kg

front track/rear track


top speed


Truck chassis of Dongfeng Furika 4 ton water tank fire truck

Chassis model

EQ1127SJ8GDC (Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.)

engine model

YC4S150-50 (Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.)

Engine power/displacement


Number of axles/wheelbase

2 axes/3800mm

Tire specifications

8.25R20 14PR, 8.25-20 16PR

Superstructure of Dongfeng Furika 4 ton water tank fire truck

Tank volume


Tank material

High-quality carbon steel tank (optional stainless steel or PP material)

Fire pump parameters

Model: CB10/30-RS, flow rate: 30L/s 1.0MPa

Fire monitor parameters

Model: PS30W, Range: ≥55m


With air conditioning, drive, with ABS.

Optional hand pump, charging device, with aluminum alloy frame.

There are exemption (can be exempted from the purchase additional tax), environmental protection, CCCF fire truck compulsory product certification has been issued.

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