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Dongfeng Furica Propaganda Vehicle

Dongfeng Furuika publicity vehicle Euro VI

Vehicle parameters of Dongfeng Furica publicity vehicle
product name Publicity truck Vehicle model CLW5040XXCE6
Dimensions (mm) 5995×2220×2900 the color of truck Windsor
Total mass (kg) 4495 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 4365 Emission Standards Euro Six
Chassis parameters of Dongfeng Furica publicity vehicle
Chassis model EQ1045SJ3CDF Chassis brand Dongfeng Furika
Number of axes 2 Tire specifications 7.00R16 steel wire tire
Number of tires: 6 Number of passengers 2
engine model A5G20000075 Engine horsepower 130
Dongfeng Furuica publicity vehicle top configuration
Chassis configuration
Wheelbase: 3308mm, engine: D20TCIF1, Yunnei 126 horsepower, displacement: 1999ml, tire: 700R16 steel tire, others: ABS, air brake, five-gear box, electric doors and windows, direction assist, central control, remote control key. Blue brand light truck diesel publicity vehicle
Upload configuration
1. [LED display] Driving side: outdoor color screen, p6, p5 and p4 are optional. P6 color screen size: 3840*1728mm=6.63m²; P5 color screen size: 3840*1760mm=6.75m²; P4 color screen size: 3840*1760mm=6.75m²; tailgate single red screen size: 1280*1440mm (standard tailgate is p10 (Single red subtitle screen)
2. [Roller advertising light box] Co-pilot side: glass roller advertising light box, function: 3-5 sets of advertising light cloth can be played automatically in a loop (when double-sided screen is optional, no glass roller device)
3. [Power Supply System] 1 diesel generator, brand: Jiangsu Ouma. Type: Silent generator, water-cooled, electric start. Power: 8kw (equipped with single-sided color screen); 15kw (equipped with double-sided color screen). Mains: internal and external power switching device, 220V mains interface.
4. [Operating System] Computer: 1 Huntkey industrial computer, AOC monitor. Control software: Yangbang or Colorlight. Power amplifier: Yvette broadcast-level power amplifier, power: 200W. Waterproof sound column: 4, power: 30W.
5. [Ventilation system] 2 top ventilation skylights, front louver ventilation design, 2 exhaust fans.
6. [Car body craft] Carbon steel frame, outer Mongolia 1.2 cold-rolled steel plate, base layer anti-rust paint, putty, and sprayed with special truck paint. The interior of the cabin is decorated with wood grain panels, LED lighting in the cabin, and aluminum checkered panels on the floor.
7. [Upper accessories] 1 color screen, 1 power box, 10 cables, and 30 meters of external wires;
Optional configuration
1: Screen hydraulic lifting (lifting height 1500mm); 2: Hydraulic stage (approximately 9.6m²) When installing the stage, the screen lifting function must be added first.




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