Dongfeng Furica New Flying Engineering Truck Crane ( small Card)


Real shot pictures of Dongfeng Furika’s new flying crane truck ( small truck d)

Dongfeng Furica New Flying Engineering Truck Crane ( small Card) Configuration

Chassis parameters:
Dongfeng Furuika Xinfeigong small truck mounted crane, adopts Dongfeng Furuika light chassis, wheelbase 3300mm, Yunnei 130 horsepower engine, Wanliyang small eight-speed gearbox, 8.25R16 steel wire tires, front axle 2.7 tons, rear The bridge is 7.5 tons, 230mm double-layer girder, ABS, direction assist, air-conditioning. It is equipped with a 3.2-ton crane with a length of 8 meters from Xinfeigong. The length of the truck go box is 3.4 meters. The vehicle size is 5995*2320*3470mm, and the truck go box size is 3400*2150*400mm.
Crane parameters:
Xinfeigong's crane brand is not very big, its hot spot is that the crane is very long and the price is affordable. Xinfeigong's 3.2-ton crane, 360-degree full rotation, downward operation, maximum lifting height of 10.5 meters, working radius of 8 meters, the maximum lifting capacity of 0.3 tons with all the booms extended. In terms of after-sales service, the three-year guarantee is guaranteed for one year, and only spare parts are charged outside the warranty period, and all working hours are waived.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Dongfeng Furuika Xinfeigong small Truck Truck
Vehicle model: SCS5040JSQEQ
Card Type: small Card
Vehicle size: 5995*2320*3470mm
Cargo box size: 3400*2150*400mm
Chassis brand: Dongfeng Furica light chassis
Crane brand: Xinfeigong 3.2 ton extension boom
Cargo box length: 3.4 meters
Engine: Yunnei 130 horsepower
Gearbox: Wanliyang small eighth gear
Emission standard: EuroV
Wheelbase: 3300mm
Optional configuration: telescopic installation of truck go box, self-unloading function of truck go box
Total mass: 4495(Kg)
Curb weight: 3670(Kg)
Registered tonnage: 630 (Kg)
Model advantage: Dongfeng light chassis, the first choice for good quality models
The truck-mounted crane manufacturers strictly follow the requirements of the announcement, do not exceed the size, have fuel announcements, environmental protection announcements, and Euro five emission standards. They can be listed normally across the Euro (except Beijing), please rest assured to buy.

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