Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane


Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

Introduction: Dongfeng F5 rear eight-wheeled 12-ton truck-mounted crane with 12-ton 4-section boom double pump crane. Dongfeng will launch the latest F5 chassis in 2020, which will quickly occupy the market with its domineering appearance and affordable price. In the market, Chengli truck crane manufacturer's quotation: ¥358,000, we support installment payment, and also support zero down payment for car purchase, free service fee, this car has high configuration and good performance, it is worth considering.

Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

Parameters of Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

vehicle name Dongfeng F5 rear eight-wheel 12-ton truck crane
vehicle model EQ5259JSQL6D Changwei truck mounted crane
Manufacturer Chengli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Vehicle size 11950*2490*3850mm (length, width and height)
Cargo size 8300*2400*550mm (length, width and height)
engine Yuchai 270 horsepower, China VI emission standard
gearbox Fast 9th gear
Girder Specifications 300mm reinforced three-story beam
Front and rear axles Front axle 5.5 tons, rear axle 10 tons (optional 13 tons rear axle)
tire model 11.00R20 steel wire tire (including spare tire)
Chassis configuration Original air conditioner, airbag seat, multi-function steering wheel, driving recorder, central locking four-in-one, driving recorder
Hoist model Changwei 12-ton 4-section boom SQ12.0A4
Hoist parameters Lifting height 17 meters, working radius 15.5 meters
Hoist configuration High-altitude operation, dual-chamber rear outriggers, dual pumps, extended arms, upgraded version
total mass 25000(kg)
Upper household tonnage 8555(kg)
curb weight 17100(kg)
Model advantage Rich configuration and affordable price

Chassis introduction: Dongfeng Huashen's new F5 luxury body, Yuchai 270 horsepower engine, Fast 9-speed high and low speed gearbox original power take-off, (original air conditioner, airbag seat, multi-function steering wheel, driving recorder, middle Control lock and four locks in one), the front axle is 5 tons and the rear axle is 10 tons, the installation position of the 300-format three-layer frame crane is strengthened, the wheelbase is 5850+1350, the steel tire is 11.00, and the 280-liter aluminum alloy fuel tank.

Crane and cargo box introduction Dongfeng F5 truck mounted 12-ton crane

Changwei 12-ton four-section straight arm crane, model SQ12.0A4, double pump system, high-altitude seat operation, the maximum lifting height of the crane is 17 meters, the maximum working radius is 15.5 meters, and the maximum boom can be lifted when the boom is fully extended. 1.5 tons, the crane is guaranteed for one year free of charge.

Optional cranes: Changwei's new 12-ton 5-section boom crane in 2021, with an arm length of 17.7 meters, can also choose Sany crane, XCMG crane, stone coal crane, Xinfeigong crane, etc., cargo box The inner dimension is 8300*2400*550mmmm, and the reinforced cargo box has a total of 24 beams at the bottom, through the sub-beam structure, the thickness of the side plate of the cargo box is 2mm, the thickness of the bottom plate is 4mm, and the structure is designed with 3 doors.

Dongfeng F5 rear eight-wheeled 12-ton truck-mounted crane, the overall dimensions of the whole vehicle are 11950*2490*3850mm, the total mass is 25000kg, the empty weight is 17100kg, the allowable load is 8555kg, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 30.4L/100Km. The whole vehicle is produced in strict accordance with the national announcement , it is convenient for the majority of users to register, and we can assist in the registration. After-sales service is guaranteed by the whole euro , and the manufacturer has a lifetime tracking service. For configuration and price changes, please call for details, or click "One-Click Dial" below.

This car can be paid in installments and can be registered with the user's local license plate

Contact customer service to inquire about the reserve price: +86 18872992009 (same number on WeChat)

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