Dongfeng DV5 flatbed truck


Guide: Dongfeng DV5 flatbed transporter with four fronts and eight rears, optional Weichai 300 horsepower price 300,000, Weichai 350 horsepower price 310,000, can be installed in installments, free of charge.

Dongfeng DV5 flatbed truck

Dongfeng DV5 flatbed truck Chassis configuration

Weichai 300/350 horsepower euro VI engine, Fast 10/12 high and low speed, 2021 DV5 new cab, 300 double-layer girder, 10/13T double rear axle, 1000/1100R20 steel wire tires, wheelbase 1800+3200+1350, vehicle size: 9800/10600 × 2550 × 3200, ABS, electric doors and windows, driving recorder, airbag seat. The total mass is 31 tons, the curb weight is 13.2 tons, and the rated load is 17.67 tons. Optional single-section hydraulic ladder, single-cylinder double-section hydraulic ladder.

Dongfeng DV5 flatbed truck Bodywork configuration

The bodywork can be either standard or heavy duty. The standard top-loading beam adopts 12*12 size 6mm thick square steel, and the whole piece is designed to ensure the bearing performance. The cargo box flat plate is 8mm thick checker plate; the heavy-duty top-loading beam adopts 14*14 size 8mm thick square steel, and the whole piece runs through Type design, better bearing performance, cargo box flat 10mm thick checkered plate. The ladder adopts a heavy-duty reinforced design, adopts three bars and double springs for reinforcement, has rear outriggers, and the flat plate has an inclined support. , 9 meters 5, is the most ideal trailer for transporting about 30-40 tons of large excavators and large construction machinery.

Dongfeng DV5 flatbed truck Optional configuration

hydraulic front lift, hydraulic ladder, double folding ladder, both sides can be extended.


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