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Dongfeng Duolika Xinfeigong 5 Ton Truck-mounted Crane

Real shot pictures of Dongfeng Duolika Xinfeigong 5 ton truck crane

Dongfeng Duolika New Flying Engineering 5 Ton Truck-mounted Crane Configuration

Chassis configuration:
Dongfeng Duolika Xinfeigong 5-ton truck-mounted crane adopts Dongfeng B07 row semi-turnable luxury cab, Xichai 140 horsepower Euro five emission engine, wheelbase 4050mm, Wanliyang 6-speed with auxiliary gearbox, 230mm beam, 8.25R20 Steel tyre, with air brake, direction assist, central control lock, electric glass, ABS, air brake brake system, air conditioning. It is equipped with a 5-ton crane from Xinfeigong, and is operated underneath. The maximum length of the truck go box is 4.8 meters, which is produced in strict accordance with the requirements of the announcement.

Crane parameters:
Xinfeigong’s 5-ton crane is divided into three-section straight arms and four-section straight arms, 360-degree full swing, downward operation, standard single-cavity hydraulic rear outriggers, which increase the safety of vehicle operation.
The parameters of Xinfeigong’s 5-ton three-section straight-arm crane, the boom length is 8.5 meters, the maximum lifting height is 10.5 meters, and the horizontal lifting parameters are: boom length 8.5 meters, lifting 1.05 tons, 6 meters lifting 1.5 tons, 2.5 meters Lifting 5 tons.
The parameters of Xinfeigong’s 5 ton four-section telescopic boom crane, the boom length is 11 meters, the maximum lifting height is 12.5 meters, the horizontal lifting parameters are: the boom length is 11 meters, the lifting capacity is 0.4 tons, the lifting capacity is 8.5 meters, the lifting capacity is 1.1 tons, and 2.5 The meter lifts 5 tons.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: Dongfeng Duolika Xinfeigong 5 ton truck-mounted crane
Vehicle model: EQ5140JSQ8GDDAC
Card type: yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 7735x2475x3600mm
Cargo box size: 4800x2000x600mm
Chassis brand: Dongfeng Dolica
Crane brand: Xinfeigong 5 ton crane
Cargo box length: 4.8 meters
Engine: Xichai 140 horsepower
Transmission: Wanliyang 6-speed transmission with auxiliary transmission
Emission standard: EuroV
Wheelbase: 4050mm
Optional configuration: optional dual-cavity rear outrigger, thicker box plate
Registered tonnage: 6895kg
Curb weight: 6265kg
Model advantage: low price, the first choice for most riders
The truck-mounted crane manufacturers strictly follow the requirements of the announcement. The whole vehicle is not overweight or oversize. It has fuel announcements and environmental protection announcements. It can be listed on a nationwide scale (except Beijing). Please feel free to buy.
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